The Comic Strip trails in the streets of Brussels

Belgium is the land of the comic strip. Who doesn't know of Hergé, Peyo, Morris…? And we celebrate the 9th Art as we should in the land of Tintin and the Smurfs: as an opportunity to check out our special Comic Strip trail in Brussels!

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Very famous characters are displayed with pride on the walls of Brussels: giant painted murals are to be found between two Art Nouveau houses! An original mixture which inspired a Comic Strip tour, to visit Brussels in a different way.

The Comic Strip trail in the town

In Brussels, the art of the comic strip has taken to the streets. Visitors can learn about the architectural heritage of the city as well as the omnipresence of the comic strip in Brussels' culture.

It’s time to keep your eyes peeled and look out for frescos on the walls, statues in the streets… Tie your trainer laces tight, we're off on a tour starting at the Grand Place.

- Go and see Gaston Lagaffe (Franquin) on boulevard Pacheco;
- Ric Hochet (Tibet / Duchâteau) at 9, rue de Bon Secours;
- Monsieur Jean (Dupuy / Berberian) in rue des Bogards;
- Isabelle (Will) in rue de la Verdure;
- Astérix (Uderzo / Goscinny) in rue de la Buanderie;
- Néron (Sleen) at place Saint-Géry and Ange / Engel (Yslaire) at 21, rue des Chartreux;

- Little Spirou, Tome and Janry, (Bruparck) in boulevard du Centenaire;
- Laeken / La Marque Jaune (E.P. Jacobs) in rue du Houblon 24;
- Tintin (Hergé) in rue de l’Etuve and on the main concourse at Bruxelles-midi station;
- Gaston Lagaffe (Franquin) in rue de l’Ecuyer;
- Titeuf (Zep) in avenue Bockstael, Laeken / Corto Maltese (Hugo Pratt) on Quai des Péniches;
- XIII (Vance and Vanhamme) in rue Philippe de Champagne

BD, Bruxelles, France

There are still a few frescos of the most famous characters which you may come across during your tour of Brussels: Boule et Bill (Roba) in rue du Chevreuil, one of the first frescos; Lucky Luke (Morris) in rue de la Buanderie / Le Chat (Philippe Geluck) in boulevard du Midi; Statue of Gaston Lagaffe (Franquin) in boulevard Pacheco.

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