Culinary activities for travelling in France

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Cook Bouillabaisse in Marseille

To know the secrets of the '' real '' bouillabaisse, follow Gilles, a real Marseille man, who can make the best bouillabaisse in the city with you. Inspired by his grandmother, he takes you to the market to choose all the ingredients then into the kitchens and finally ... a treat!

Make foie gras near Toulouse

One hour from Toulouse, in Gimont in Gascony, Pierre opens the doors to his land: The Kingdom of Goose and Duck. Armed with your apron, get ready to participate in a 100% foie gras workshop. For half a day, learn all there is to know about the cuisine of this Southwest specialty.

Enjoy chocolate in the heart of Paris

Trust in Emmanuel for a unique experience that will allow you to enjoy chocolate like you've never done before. With your eyes blindfolded, get stuck into cocoa bars and focus all your senses on your taste buds during an incredible tasting!

Enjoy wine and chocolate in Bordeaux

Make sure you include a workshop with Lénaïc wine and chocolate, a Bordeaux wine shop which is full of humour, and discover of unusual flavour combinations. Coming from a family of grape nectar connoisseurs, they want to pass on their passion with fire and humour.

Visit Lyon’s haute cuisine

Virginie leads you through Lyon’s alleyways to introduce you to the capital of gastronomy. The guide-speaker takes you off the beaten path to discover the city where her grandfather was a specialist pork butcher.

Enjoy Basque specialties in Biarritz

Meet Jean-Marc, an exceptional cheese maker, at the Biarritz market hall or his business in Anglet. He will share his love for local products with you. With farmhouse cheeses, traditional charcuterie, and local wine, discover the Basque Country behind your plate.

Discover the specialties of Nice

Let Marion, a passionate Niçoise, guide you through Nice to taste true southern flavours. She will bring you to the less touristic corners of the city and make you love this Provencal cuisine.


Share cheese in the cellars of the Parisian Marais

Experience a moment of sharing and conviviality with Pierre, a cheese maker in Paris’ 3rd arrondissement. Enjoy a delicious tasting of exceptional cheeses and learn about caseology (a science that focuses on the study, maturation and knowledge of cheese), from the production to the maturation, without forgetting ... to feast.

Cooking from nature near Aix-en-Provence

At around 5:30, Antoine teaches you the basics of foraging in a beautiful green setting. Then, it’s time to prepare and sample a delicious meal. The chef teaches you how to prepare all the meals of the culinary tradition that he inherited from his grandmother, and this is a must for food lovers.


Visit a craft brewery near Dunkirk

25 minutes from Dunkirk is a beer lover’s paradise. Passionate about hops, Daniel took over the brewery that he shows off today. From the use of the ingredients to the making of the drink, you will receive an explanation for each step in the beer-making process and, the highlight of the visit, be able to go to the tasting-room.

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