A day of discovery in London with the family

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The London Eye, it’s a big wheel: London style. From up there, you can let your little ones admire all the monuments that you will have conscientiously located on a secret map the night before. You’ll see, they will be impressed for sure!

You can take one of these double-decker buses to go from one major monument to another.

If it’s a bit cloudy, take refuge in the stories of kings and queens, a safe bet to entertain the kids, by visiting 3 historical places.

First, head down to the Tower of London which was once a palace and a prison. It is listed as UNESCO world heritage site. The little girls will love the British crown’s jewels and little boys will love the armour. Banqueting House, however, is the only remaining room of Whitehall Palace. For a nice parental break, admire Rubens’ paintings, and listen to a little concert at lunchtime. Finally, a visit to Kensington Palace takes you into royal apartments such as the king’s gallery and Princess Victoria’s bedroom.

End the day with the changing of the guard in front of the Queen’s castle!

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