Dining at a bouchon Lyonnais

Want to sample some genuine bouchon Lyonnais cuisine?  We have selected a few addresses that have earned the “bouchons lyonnais” heading:

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The lunchtime “mâchon” ritual at Café du Peintre

If legendary chef Paul Bocuse says “Lyon will make you hungry” you know it’s true. When the clock strikes 09:00 am it’s time for the “mâchon” at Café du Peintre, one of the first 24 Lyon bouchons to receive the Lyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry stamp of approval.
Naughtiness is alive and kicking at the Café du Peintre. Florence Périer, one of the true “mothers” of Lyon, concocts a variety of cheeky little creations, her “Coquineries” menu contains everything from lentil salad and veal trotters (8€) to her speciality calf’s head braised in red wine (18€).

Le Café du Peintre
50 Boulevard des Brotteaux. 69006 Lyon
Telephone: +33 (0)4 78 52 52 61

The Gnafron at Chambert et Fils

This authentic bouchon restaurant offers you to dine with a smile in a typical lyon restaurant with a good quality / price ratio. The chefs in this restaurant are trained locally and keep on working there until their retirement because they don't want to leave this temple of gastronomic culture. Once you have tasted the Gnafron (one blank of sausage with cabbage and garlic cream ) and the Andburger ( a hamburger based on a Lyon sausage), you can not do without .
Chabert et Fils
13, rue des Marronniers, 69002 Lyon
Tel : 04 78 37 01 94

Crayfish gratin at Abel

Abel has the truly unique ambiance of a bourgeois Lyon bistro. Alain Vigneron has manned the oven for the last 35 years, serving 25€, 34€ and 39€ menus that include established favourites such as hot sausage with lentils and crayfish gratin in their oven dishes.
Café Comptoir Abel
25 rue Guynemer. 69002 Lyon
Telephone: +33 (0)4 78 37 46 18

Pike quenelles at Daniel et Denise

Smart checked tablecloths welcome you to Daniel & Denise Saint Jean where the kitchens are run by Joseph Viola, recipient of the “Meilleur Ouvrier de France” [Best Worker in France] accolade. At 21€, you will quickly become a fan of the lunch menu with its pike quenelles in a creamy crayfish Nantua sauce and honey sponges served with sorbet at this elegant bouchon in Old Lyon.

Daniel & Denise Saint-Jean
36 rue Tramassac 69005 Lyon
Telephone: +33 (0)4 78 42 24 62

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