Enjoy the best Atlantic Coast beaches with your mates

Summer is coming, and so is that must-go-to-the-beach feeling! The Atlantic Coast is the place to be for great holidays with friends. Follow us from Cap-Ferret to Hossegor, through Ré and Biarritz - vamos a la playa!

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Plage de la Joselière in Pornic

Paddle in a natural environment

Do you like going in for sporting activities? Then you’ll love Pornic - especially the beach at La Joselière. This little beach nestled in-between rocks and the ocean is pleasantly quiet to spend quality time. And even better, there’s a little yacht club which offers paddles and sea kayaks on rent. Once you’ve made up your mind and got kitted up, it’s time to hit those waves!

Paddle entre potes à Pornic.

My favourite: Stand Up Paddling! Once up on the board you forget about everything else surrounding you, disconnect completely and focus only on keeping your balance. The great advantage of SUP is, you can relax and tone up at the same time!

La plage du Petit Train in Cap-Ferret

For a remake of Little White Lies

Shall we do a remake of Little White lies? Straight away to the bassin d’Arcachon bay, on plage de l’Horizon, AKA plage du Petit Train, because of a little train which travels that area! This unspoilt, quiet beach is perfect for a game of beach tennis, swimming in the sea or just having a nice afternoon with your mates, like in Guillaume Canet's hit movie Little White Lies…

Soirée entre potes au Cap Ferret.

My favourite: The blockhouses which make this beach look all the more attractive. You will definitely want to take some pictures. Enjoy the seascape at sunset, accompanied with fresh oysters and wine.

La Plage Centrale in Hossegor

For surfing throughout the summer

The Atlantic Coast is all about surfing, and Hossegor is the heart of surfing! With its world-famous waves, Hossegor has quickly become a firm favourite in surfing circles and is now Europe’s surfing capital. A beach? Of course! The central beach where you can spot La Nord - a spectacular wave that draws seasoned surfers…

Surf entre potes à Hossegor.

My favourite: No trip to Hossegor is complete without attending a La Nord surfing contest. It’s always breathtaking to watch surfers master this wave while enjoying the wonderful ambiance.

La Grande Plage in Biarritz

For evenings at the beach

Beach holidays with your mates are bound to include evenings at the beach. And of all the Atlantic Coast beaches, the one where you’re sure to find a friendly party atmosphere is absolutely the Grande Plage in Biarritz! Every evening, young holidaymakers from all over France and beyond get together at organised events or just to grab a nice beer or two…

Soirée entre potes sur la plage de Biarritz.

My favourite: The thing about this beach is its closeness to the town centre, making it the perfect way to kick off the evening and then go wherever it takes you and your newly made friends, like a nearby bar or club. There’s no fuss here as people get along easily here!

In summary, the best Atlantic Coast beaches for young people are:

  • Plage de la Joselière in Pornic
  • La plage du Petit Train in Cap-Ferret
  • Plage Centrale in Hossegor
  • La Grand Plage in Biarritz

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