Fancy sampling the best tapas in Barcelona?

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Tapas is a Spanish culinary speciality. They are generally enjoyed during happy hour (which can last until 9:00PM) or as a restaurant menu. These delicious little snacks can sometimes be on the expensive side in more touristy locations. We have selected four spots in Barcelona to delight your taste buds.

Bar Celta Pulperia

Bar Celta Pulperia, in the Barrio Gótico, the oldest neighbourhood in the historic centre of Barcelona, is known for its octopus tapas and a variety of seafood at very reasonable prices.

Merce, 16, Tel.: +34 933 150 006, open until midnight

Cervecería Catalana

The tapas at the Cervecería Catalana, which is also a bar restaurant, will satisfy all gourmet requirements, thanks to the opulence and variety of its menu.

Mallorca, 236, Tel.: +34 932 160 368, open until 01:30AM

Ciudad Condal

Leave the Ramblas for a gourmet break at the Ciudad Condal (as Barcelona used to be known). There is plenty available, including a wide range of beers and tapas. The décor is a little subdued, but at least you can sit down.

Rambla de Catalunya, 18, Tel.: +34 933 181 997, open until 01:30AM


Piscolabis serves 60 – 70 types of tapas depending on the chef’s mood, including a “star” tapas dish of foie gras with goats cheese and fig jam.

Rambla de Catalunya, 27, Tel.: +34 933 069 668, open until 01:00AM during the week and 02:00AM on weekends.

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