Small seaside resorts in Brittany

With its small wild beaches battered by the wind and waves, and huge stretches of white sand overlooking a turquoise sea, Brittany has a coastline lined with extremely beautiful beaches. We have selected some small seaside resorts.

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The Plage des Grands-Sables is known for the almost perfect arc of the beach and its very fine sand. It is located near Locmaria, on the south of the island.

For surfing and bodyboarding, opt for the Plage de Donnant. Beware of the currents which can be dangerous. At low tide, the beach is the perfect playground for children because the sea forms water basins filled with small crabs and shrimps that kids will delight in fishing with their nets.

For children, there is plenty of choice. On the Côte Sauvage, you can choose between the Plage d’Herlin or Port-Kerel. The sea is warmer than elsewhere, and believe you me, that really matters in Brittany!

The Glénan archipelago, the Tahiti of Southern Brittany

The Glénan archipelago is a top tourist attraction in Brittany. With its 12 islands, clear waters within the lagoon and  white sandy beaches, Polynesia springs to mind. In summer, shuttle services drop off holidaymakers on the l’Îlot Saint-Nicolas.

Here there is a wealth of nature. In April the Narcisse (daffodil) de Glénan, a white flower which is native to the archipelago, blooms. The Glénan islands are also an ideal nesting site, and here you can observe many birds.

The Plage des Grands Sables on the Île de Groix

On the Île de Groix located off the coast of Lorient, the beaches and coves outdo each other in their beauty. You will find the beaches more on the east of the island. The Plage des Grands Sables is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. This beach is unique and is the only convex one in Europe, meaning that it is wider at its centre than its sides. Its fine sand, with shades varying from garnet to white, is fringed by crystal clear waters. A real live lagoon in Brittany.

Saint-Malo and its ramparts

Saint-Malo is a place full of history and legends. The birthplace of Chateaubriand, the pioneer of Romanticism, exudes an atmosphere of dreams and romance. Its intact ramparts provide an authentic place for lovers to stroll.

From the top of the ramparts, you can see the Île du Grand Bé, a rocky knoll accessible at low tide and made famous by Chateaubriand. He was in fact buried there in 1848.

To admire the ramparts of Saint Malo from the sea, you can also go kayaking. It’s worth paddling a bit to enjoy breathtaking views of the ‘Cité Corsaire’.

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