Welcome to Lyon, a town that enjoys the good life, with its vibrant culture, exceptional architecture and hidden passageways overlooked by the magnificent Fourvière hill. Let’s not forget that bouchons are a Lyon institution. And one reason tourists flock to Lyon is because it is THE gourmet city! So to help you decide what you should taste in Lyon, here is our top 10!

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1 – Bugnes

I have a sweet tooth, so I simply cannot resist these tasty little doughnuts. They’re a bit calorific, but so addictive!

2 – Saucisson

This cured sausage meat could have taken the top spot. ​Sausages are a Lyon speciality (the ‘Jesus’ and the ‘Rosette de Lyon’ are the best!) so make the most of it. You’ll find delicious cured meat at the Maison Sibilia (in Les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse).

3 – Grattons

Never heard of grattons? The people of Lyon can’t have an aperitif without some! This “Lyon peanut” (made from meat!) as it is known, should be eaten with a small glass of red wine when you’re not hungry (but be careful, go easy on the grattons and the wine!).

4 – Quenelle

Fish dumplings are normally nothing special, but believe me: one taste of a traditional Lyonnais quenelle and you’ll be converted.

5 – Cervelle de Canut

Cervelle de Canut means “silk worker’s brain”, which isn’t exactly an appealing title. But don’t worry, this fromage frais with herbs, usually served in a bowl and eaten with toasted bread, is simply delicious!

6 – Coussin de Lyon

This marzipan and curaçao chocolate is listed as one of the official French National Specialities. Yum!

7 – Saint-Marcellin

Cheese is a staple in France. The village of Saint-Marcellin is home to a delicious cheese of the same name, and it’s located near Lyon. So you won’t have any difficulty finding some while you’re in town!

8 – Tablier de sapeur

This piece of tripe (no, don’t run away!) is boiled and marinated in white wine, before being covered in breadcrumbs. It’s like a breaded schnitzel, but ten times better!

9 – Cardoons

An ancient and relatively rare vegetable, cardoons are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, and they’re really good. You won’t have any trouble eating this vegetable!

10 – To finish on a high note, saucisson brioché

Here we have the famous saucisson brioché, also from the Maison Sibilia. It’s a real taste sensation! This legendary Lyon sausage, normally made with pistachios, is cooked and inserted inside a soft brioche.

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