Top 10 Lyon specialities you must try

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Welcome to Lyon, a town that enjoys the good life, with its vibrant culture, exceptional architecture and hidden passageways overlooked by the magnificent Fourviere Hill. Accessible in less than 2 hours by train from Paris, it is also known for their famous Lyon corks, a real institution in the city. Lyon is THE culinary city par excellence!

So to help you decide what you should taste in Lyon, here is our top 10!

Here are our top 10 Lyon specialities to try:

• Praline tart
• Bugnes (Angel wings)
• Cervelle de canut
• Saint-Marcellin cheese
• Saucisson
• Saucisson brioché (brioche sausage roll)
• Quenelle
• Coussin de Lyon
• Tablier de sapeur
• Cardons (Globe artichokes)

1 – Let’s start on a sweet note with a praline tart

Now, here’s a tasty tart! A sweet speciality of the Lyon region, praline tart tastes as good as it looks. With its melt in the mouth, toffee apple quality, it is crispy, mellow and crunchy on the palate. My advice, go to Pralus to taste one or try Praluline, brioche with pralines, one of their specialities.

2 – Bugnes (Angel Wings)

I have a sweet tooth, and I clearly can not resist these tasty little donuts even if it is a small specialty that is often eaten for carnival. A little fatty, but so addictive!
Take the train to Lyon and taste these pastries, at the unmissable À la Marquise pâtisserie in the Saint-Jean district.
35 rue Saint-Jean - 5th arrondissement Tel.: +33 04 78 37 89 85

Saint-Vincent bakery offers lemon or orange blossom bugnes, both of which are to die for!
Boulangerie Saint-Vincent, 49, quai Saint-Vincent - 1st arrondissement Tel.: +33 04 72 00 94 19.

3 – Cervelle de canut

Cervelle de canut means "silk worker's brain". Not such an appetising name is it? But don't worry, this fromage frais with herbs, usually served in a bowl and eaten with toasted bread, is simply delicious!

4 – Saint-Marcellin cheese

Cheese is a staple in France. And near to Lyon is the village of Saint-Marcellin where the delicious cheese of the same name comes from. So you won’t have any difficulty finding some while you’re in town!

5 – Saucisson

This saucisson could have taken the top spot. Charcuterie in general is a speciality of Lyon (the Jesus and the Rosette de Lyon are the best!) so make the most of it. You'll find delicious saucisson at the Maison Sibilia (in les Halles de Lyon Paul Bocuse).

6 – Saucisson brioché (brioche sausage roll)

Here we have the famous saucisson brioché, also from the Maison Sibilia. It's a real taste sensation! This legendary Lyon sausage, normally made with pistachios, is cooked and encased in a soft brioche.

7 – Quenelle

Quenelles are normally nothing special, but believe me: one taste of a traditional Lyonnais quenelle and you'll forget all about the quenelles you ate in the school canteen.

8 – Coussin de Lyon

This marzipan and curaçao chocolate is listed in the Inventory of National Heritage Specialities of France. Yum!

9 – Tablier de sapeur

A piece of tripe (no, don't run away!) is boiled and marinated in white wine, before being coated in breadcrumbs. It's like a breaded escalope, but 10 times better!

10 – Cardons (Globe artichokes)

An ancient and rather rare vegetable, globe artichokes are rich in calcium, potassium and magnesium, and they're really tasty. You won't have any trouble eating this vegetable!

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