Top 5 romantic sunsets in Brittany

The most beautiful romantic Brittany sunsets!

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Are you looking for a romantic spot to declare your undying love? Then take the train to Brittany, and tell them “I love you” under a magnificent sunset!

Here are 5 of the most romantic sunset spots in Brittany:

• From the Eckmühl lighthouse
• With impressionist style at Belle-Ile en Mer
• On board a catamaran in Crozon
• Dantean light at Cape Frehel
• From the battlements of Saint-Malo

From the Eckmühl lighthouse

The top of a lighthouse has got to be the best place to marvel at the sunset. Carved into the kersantite and tapered to bring you closer to the sky, to embrace the horizon, which extends from Audierne Bay to the Isles of Glenan, the Eckmühl lighthouse is just perfect.

Awakening the tip of Cornwall, this Breton jewel offers a rare opportunity to make an evening visit in high season. As soon as the sun goes down, climb the 290 marble and opaline steps that spiral to the top...

The spectacle that awaits you from the bell tower will take your breath away, especially as the sun goes down and throws its last flames, staining the sea and rocks orange, pink and purple. The illuminations continue to dance with the appearance of the first stars, as the Eckmuhl light takes over, beaming gold into the purple night: Sublime!

Things to do before and nearby: Take a stroll around Guilvinec harbour or cycle from Penmarc’h point to Raz point.

Access: By train to Quimper then bus number 56A or 56B on the Pen-Ar-Bed route, to Penmarc’h.

Impressionist style at Belle-Ile en Mer

The rugged rocks and the wind seduced Monet... why not you too? All aboard for Belle-Ile! On the winding coast of bays and headlands that adorn the famous Port-Coton needles, so beautiful and morose that the artist painted six versions of it...

The real thing is just as beautiful as the canvas, especially when the sunset descends softly into the ocean. Take the time to choose where to be, spread out a blanket and open a good bottle of wine, raising a glass to nature herself! 

Then watch the sun changing colour along with the clouds and the waves which skim the tips of the needle like coast. Darkening in the shade, looking like a Japanese stamp, with black lines on a saffron sea... It’s truly magical!

Things to do before and nearby: Take a walk along the wild coast and Poulains point, visit the Sarah Bernhardt fort and Sauzon harbour.

Access: By train to Vannes, then (in season) direct access by boat from Vannes, Port-Navalo or Locmariaquer with the Golfe company.

On board a catamaran in Crozon

Pointing to the extreme west of Finistere, the Crozon peninsula forms a large cross, from which the rugged coast offers wild views over Brest harbour, the Iroise sea and the Bay of Douarnenez. The natural balconies are great for watching the last of the sun’s rays but if you are a more adventurous type, get yourself onto the Faltazi, a forty foot catamaran.

Erwan Rognan will take you into the open sea under a crimson sky, to the Virgin Island where the craggy cliffs turn golden brown. From there you can admire the sunset whilst enjoying oysters washed down with cider... pleasing the eye and the taste buds!

Things to do before and nearby: Discover the port of Camaret, walk up to cape Chevre and climb aboard a speedboat at Morgat to explore the sea caves... 

Access : By train to Brest or Quimper, then by car on the dual carriageway.

Dantean light at Cape Frehel

Bijou schist and pink sandstone point towards the velvet of the emerald sea, Cape Fréhel can’t help but enchant any walker... with its beautiful warm colours, fragile heaths, and its proud cliffs which plunge vertically like huge walls, housing hundreds of nesting birds.

Dominating the sea for more than 70m, this marvellous Armor Coast offers stunning landscapes, especially aroudn the lighthouse, whilst the rays from the setting sun sweep the cliffs, lighting up everything in their way.  The tender pink fo the rocks ambrace and light up the wild sky: For some seconds, the cape is illuminated by Dantean light, then the sun disappears under the horizon, extinguidhing the flames... so special!

Things to do before and nearby: Wander from Paimpol to Equy, hop on a boat to Brehat Island or visit Fort La Latte which one of the rocky spurs.

Access : By train to Saint-Brieuc or Lamballe, then direct bus to Frehel.

From the battlements of Saint-Malo

Stone ships moored to the mouth of the Rance, the corsair town of Saint-Malo is surrounded by battlements which give it a unique silhouette and some uninterrupted views of the sea, dotted with small islands and forts, yellow beaches, harbour basins and straight streets lined with old ship-owners’ homes.

At the end of the day, as the gulls warm up on the heat of the city walls, take the time for a walk around them yourself. You will see the sky painted with pink and orange flashes... reddened by the descent, the sun’s rays will lick the austere walls of the forts, richocheting through the gaps in the turrets, covering the sand and covering them with a cool golden colour... there’s nothing more romantic!

Things to do before and nearby: Re-energise in the thermal baths of Saint-Malo, laze around on Sillon beach, take a walk at low tide to the Grand and Petit Be isles, take a seat on a terrace in place Chateaubriand. 


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