The top four seaside resorts in Normandy

 Good weather has finally returned; do you want to enjoy the spray of the sea and feel the sand between your toes?  Normandy has vast beautiful beaches offering a range of different activities. Here is our selection of must-see beaches in Normandy:

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One of the most beautiful and recognisable beaches in France. Framed by its famous cliffs and featuring a pebble beach, this picturesque destination is straight out of a postcard. But don't be tempted to pick up a souvenir - it is forbidden to remove pebbles from the beach as they protect the coastline.

Good deal: Walking along the beach, you will discover oyster beds dating from the 17th century and the famous “manhole” in the cliff. Be warned - you always need to be aware of the times of the tides.


With its Family Plus designation, the Trouville beach is ideal for the family. The queen of 19th century beaches has retained its charm with its beautiful houses along its boardwalk.

Good deal: Trouville has retained the spirit of a fishing village. A trip to the traditional fish market is a real must, with 11 tenant fishmongers selling delicious seafood such as scallops, mackerel, sole and brown shrimps. A feast for your eyes!


The famous Deauville beach, fringed by colourful parasols running alongside the boardwalk, and beach huts named after American stars... A world apart!

Good deal: The Deauville racetracks offer a lot of racing and entertainment based around horses.


A romantic beach, but also family-friendly with its Family Plus designation. Here you will find workshops for children, water sports etc. Its 4km of fine sand, the Belle Epoque atmosphere and early 20th century villas all add to the charm of this resort.

Good deal: Cabourg is also known for its Casino and the Grand Hotel (where Proust was a regular visitor).

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