Visiting Strasbourg with the family

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In Strasbourg, children will be delighted to go on a boat tour while following in their headset an age-appropriate adventure story, in order to get to know the town. With the family, you can also rent bikes to get to the parc de l’Orangerie for a nice stroll and an encounter with the famous storks.

When the weather turns gloomy, what can you do with the children in Strasbourg? Well why not check out the museums made just for them!

The Vaisseau, a place to learn and be dazzled

Getting the youngsters interested in science is the aim of this entertainng place. Here, science is explained to children in a fun way, through presenters presenting the exhibitions, interactive elements, 3D movies and even live shows during the holidays.

6 sections cover a wide range of science topics: human beings, animals, making things, water, the garden and logic. Here children can see their own brainwaves, find out about the little creatures living in their bedroom, observe ants, pretend to be a labourer on a building site, balance a ball on a jet of water, get a glimpse of the life of bees and more.

The 5,000 m2 garden offers a science trail, a nature trail, a sensory trail, the pond and its inhabitants, the great hamster of Alsace, the orchard and more.

The vaisseau
1 bis rue Philippe Dollinger - BP 61037 - Strasbourg
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Tram C (towards "Neuhof") or tram E (towards Baggersee) as far as the “Winston Churchill” stop, then walk along quai des Alpes (5 mn on foot).
By bike: from place de Lattre de Tassigny (place de la Bourse) follow the bike lane along quai du Général Koenig, then quai des Alpes. Cross the Pont du Danube bridge on the right, towards “Neudorf Meinau”. The Vaisseau is on your left, straight after the bridge. 

The planetarium, the sky in your field of vision

Within the botanical garden, the planetarium of the University of Strasbourg features an imposing domed screen onto which the starry firmament is projected. The session is made up of a movie then an explanation of the sky given by a presenter.

In the starry crypt, vintage scientific instruments are exhibited next to multimedia terminals. You can also take a guided tour of the grand dome to see France’s third-largest astronomical telescope, weighing 34 tons.

When you leave the planetarium, take the opportunity to have a walk in the botanical garden, a green sanctuary where 6,000 plant species from all over the world coexist across 3,5 hectares. The botanical garden of Strasbourg (opened in 1619) was the second to open in France after that in Montpellier. You will find an arboretum, a botanical school, exhibitions, activities and a complex of greenhouses including the Bary greenhouse, listed as a historical monument. This 19th century greenhouse houses the giant Amazonian water lily. 

Jardin des sciences de l’Université de Strasbourg - 13 rue de l’Observatoire - 67000 Strasbourg
Tram stop Observatoire.
Open on Wednesdays and Sunday afternoons during school term and every day except Saturday during zone B French school holidays.

Strasbourg museums, the cultural wealth of Alsace

Of course, Strasbourg museums will also interest the children. Some will love the fine arts museum and its emblematic works. Others will prefer the museum of Alsace and its exhibition on Alsace’s cultural features.

And others still will be drawn to time travel at the archaeology museum. Enjoy, there is something for everyone!


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