A weekend in Nice

How about a weekend getaway in Nice? A return ticket for two days of rest and relaxation, sea, city tours and culture? Nice is the ideal destination for a city break!

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Saturday morning in the old town

Time to go explore the town starting with a stroll in Nice’s old town. Taking the Old Port in the town centre as a starting point, you have to climb up to the top of the castle hill to admire the view. Then, simply lose yourself in the charming narrow streets of the historic old town. Place Masséna is the strategic centre of this neighbourhood. Pedestrianised with a spacious feel, it has something of Tuscany about it. 

As midday approaches, head for Cours Saleya and its remarkable flower market. On Saturday mornings you will also find food stalls and all the Nice specialities for a snack: pan-bagnat, salade niçoise, fougasse, socca…to mention just a few.

Saturday afternoon, art and antiques!

On Place Garibaldi, the modern building housing the MAMAC (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art) draws you in, thankfully, because inside you’ll find works by Klein, Ben, Keith Haring, Nikki de Saint-Phalle, Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol, amongst others.

To the east of the square when heading towards the port, between rue Cassini and rue Catherine Segurane, lies the antique dealers’ district. This place really makes you want to browse all afternoon, on the hunt for vintage or unusual pieces.

The Nice flea market is in the same district, on the western side of the port, on Place Robilante. It takes place from Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00 to 18:00.

The sun is setting… Maybe it’s time to find a nice restaurant for dinner?


Nice is a gastronomic capital. "La cuisine niçoise" is even a genuine appellation! Restaurant proprietors who hold the "Cuisine nissarde, le respect de la tradition" label are committed to cooking Nice specialties. Seize the opportunity to try local specialties:  pissaladière, a kind of pizza with caramelised onions, anchovies and black olives; basil pesto soup; tapenade; a courgette flower fritter, stuffed vegetables; ratatouille; poutine (a kind of fish); Nice-style stew (stew with ceps), amongst other delights…With doughnuts for dessert? Just find the right restaurant!

Nightlife in Nice

At night, the world is your oyster in Nice. You can go listen to music at the Opera or outside in the summer months, or opt for a tasting in a wine cellar, or go dancing!

A night spent in Nice

For your overnight in Nice, here is a selection of three hotels with character!

L'hotel Windsor  is a totally unique art hotel 200 m from the Promenade des Anglais. Each year the work of a different contemporary artist is displayed in the lobby. The artist rooms are individually decorated to immerse you in their own artistic universe. The rooms with frescoes are romantic, decorated with paintings inspired by mythical characters or fairytale scenes. The rooms with posters are all about Niki de Saint-Phalle or Raysse, among others. There is also a tropical garden with a musical installation and a spa.

Hotel Windsor, 11 Rue Dalpozzo, 06000 Nice

Le Spity Hôtel (formerly the Hi Hôtel), a 4-star design hotel designed by Matali Crasset, is also 200 m from Promenade des Anglais. Its 38 rooms are based on 10 spatial concepts: a space dedicated to images and sound, another about dividing the room into upper and lower parts, and yet another that plays on one colour for night and another for daytime, as well as rooms that look like wood cabins, others inspired by cyber-culture, etc. Suffice it to say, surprises are in store!

Spity Hôtel, 3 Avenue des fleurs, 06000 Nice

And then, of course, there is the grand, mythical Negresco. Even if you don’t stay there, at least go for a drink or a coffee. You won’t regret it.

Sunday morning culture

There is nothing more pleasant than starting your Sunday morning with a stroll along the legendary Promenade des Anglais, before embarking on a morning filled with culture. Some people even seize the opportunity to go for a little jog!

There is a broad array of museums to choose from, but aside from the MAMAC, here are two must-see museums:

The musée Matisse will tell you everything about the career of one of the most significant painters! To get to the Matisse museum, you can take the bus (numbers 15, 17, 20 or 25, alight at the “Arènes/Musée Matisse” bus stop).
164 avenue des Arènes de Cimiez

Het musée National Chagall is another museum dedicated to an artist. It’s not far from the train station.
Avenue du Docteur Ménard

Amongst other museums, you can opt to visit: The Museum of Fine Arts (Fragonard, Sisley, Monet, Vuillard, Bonnard, Dufy…) on avenue des Baumettes; the international Anatole Jakovsky Museum of naïve art on avenue de Fabron; or the Museum of Asian Art at l’Arénas.

Sunday afternoon on the waterfront, in the vineyards, or skiing!

Depending on the season, you are free to make the most of the pretty expanse of pebble beach, explore the Corniche de la Riviera, or go to a tasting at the Château de Cremat vineyard, unless it’s wintertime and you feel like getting your skis on… Also an option!

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