Travel with BlaBlaLines

The home-to-work carpool app

  • Customized meeting points
  • Round trips available every day
  • A kilometer rate for all

Order a carpool on until 1h before departure and receive a confirmation with your driver information and the meeting place.

As a passenger I carpool for free, BlaBlaLines pays the drivers !

  1. I create my profile in the app
  2. I fill it in with my home-work route
  3. I add my daily schedules
  4. I find the drivers on my way
  5. I carpool for free every day

The users talk about it

  • Justine

    Carpooling to Toulouse

    “Whether I'm a driver or a passenger, I always find someone to share my ride on BlaBlaLines with. It's really practical and I'm doing something for the environment."

  • Guillaume

    Carpooling to Lille

    “Thanks to BlaBlaLines, I carpool 100 km every day to work and back. It's really easy to use and I met a lot of people."

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  • Customized meeting points

    BlaBlaLines optimizes meeting points, on the road planned by the drivers and as close as possible to the passengers.

  • Round trips available every day

    Passengers can find drivers at any time, in both directions.

  • A kilometer rate for all

    Pricing per kilometer traveled. Neither more nor less than the right price for everyone.