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  • Frankfurt, Munich and many others ...
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Discover Germany like never before. Take the train TGV INOUI & ICE to Germany!

Treat yourself to a culture break in Munich and visit the grand Munich Residenz, or book a city break in Frankfurt, right in the heart of “Mainhattan”, the German answer to Manhattan. Or let yourself be charmed by Stuttgart’s unique mix of modern and medieval architecture. 

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    Work at full speed onboard TGV INOUI and Ice...and get to your meeting on time in Stuttgart, Munchen or even Frankfurt!

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With TGV INOUI & ICE to Germany, you can book your journey up to 6 months in advance... Get a head, book your journey in advance! 

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Luggage must be visibly labelled. Items considered to be hand luggage: Skis, pushchairs, wheelchairs, waterboards (1.20 m x 0.90 m maximum case size).

You can also bring your bicycle. Bicycles which are folded or whose wheels have been removed can travel free (packaged in a 1.20 m x 0.90 m maximum case).

Set off with TGV INOUI & ICE to Germany

  • Book your tickets early

    Book up to 6 months in advance

  • Best prices

    Travel to Germany from €39. Why do you hesitate?

  • Frankfurt, Munich and many others ...

    Embark our trains and travel to 10 different German cities.

  • My luggage

    Your luggage must be visibly labelled. Are considered as hand luggage: skis, strollers, wheelchairs, nautical boards (cover of 1.20 m x 0.90 m maximum).

Customer information
DB SNCF in cooperation

71 reviews

4.2 / 5
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Services on board
  • Punctuality
  • my train was cancelled because of strikes and I had to change train which was very awkward and complicated will not recommend
  • My train was cancelled and I was moved to a different train where my seat assignment didn’t work, even though I had paid for it. WiFi didn’t work either. The driver couldn’t tell me where to seat, so I had to figure it out myself.
  • On time and comfortable
  • Air-conditioning only worked partly
  • I didn’t realise when I booked with SNCF that I would be travelling on a German high speed train - the ICE Intercity Express. It was comfortable and very fast - we maxed out at 313kph on one stretch! Loved it.
  • The lovely French countryside unfolding outside my window...lucky I had a window seat!!
  • the unique is my first time ride a train
  • I thought first class would be closer to food and beverage area
  • Nice view!!!!
  • The informations was only in french. With so many tourists onboard it is a good idea and service to also usd English.