The market on Place Broglie

At the entrance, a garlanded gateway reads “Christkindelsmärik” (which translates as The Market of Christ the Child), highlighting its historic origins.
It is an immense market where you will find a wide variety of treats: sweets, gingerbread, fruit skewers dipped in chocolate, mulled wine... and everything you need for a beautiful and happy Christmas: costumes, advent trees, nativity figurines, decorations... As for gifts, you will find several stalls providing wooden, metal and glass handcrafted items...


We loved
Mireille Oster gingerbread. It’s an institution in Strasbourg! Mireille’s mother had a stall at the market years ago... You can also visit her shop, which is open all year round, at 14 Rue Des Dentelles. Her recipe: flour, honey, spices, butter... and love!



Strasbourg Cathedral at Christmas

In December, the Cathedral prepares and sets out its 19th century nativity scene and wall hangings.  In the square, Christmas stalls offer Advent specialities.
Stalls are set up in the square in front of the cathedral: mulled wine, toffee apples, Alsatian cakes, wooden crafts... The warm atmosphere in the heart of the city makes this a must-see for any tourist. It’s the place to start a tour through all of Strasbourg’s Christmas markets.
On the lower south-side of the Cathedral, a nativity scene of painted wooden characters recreates the birth of Christ: the Annunciation, the birth, the three wise men... The various scenes are large enough to allow all onlookers to admire the details and symbols.
The tapestries in the Cathedral are only on view during the Advent season. This unique set of fourteen 17th century tapestries were created for Notre-Dame de Paris and purchased by Strasbourg Cathedral in 1739. The tapestries portray the life of the Virgin Mary over 350 m2.


The most delicious markets in Strasbourg

Alsace has numerous culinary specialities, and the Christmas period has special treats for food lovers. Two specialist food markets allow you to stock up on supplies to create a splendid Christmas dinner.

The market for Alsace’s most prominent local producers

If you can’t find any inspiration for your Christmas dinner, head to the Place des Meuniers in Petite France. It’s not the biggest market, but you can shop with your eyes closed as all the produce is excellent. There is nothing but local items on sale: foie gras from Alsace, snails from Kochersberg, preserves from Climont, aromatic herbs and cheeses, mushrooms...


We tasted and loved:
the goose foie gras and the mint eggnog!



Alsace’s market of Christmas delicacies

Place d’Austerlitz transforms into a paradise of flavour... Bakers from Strasbourg and the surrounding region, the wine-growers of the Couronne d’Or, the farm producers of Alsatian foie gras and La Tribu des Gourmets du Vin d’Alsace showcase the region’s produce: Bredele biscuits, Alsatian wines, mulled wine and foie gras. You can even make your own farm-produced foie gras, taste Alsatian foie gras with wine, bake a Kougelhopf or pâté, and enter the best waffle competition ...


We loved:
The huge bakery with its enormous Kougelhopfs.