Editor: Laurianne Barbier

Established in 1966, the Avoriaz ski resort (1,800m high) has become legendary among all winter sports lovers. In 2012, it was named the “Best Family Resort” at the World Snow Awards.  It’s hardly surprising as the resort has been focusing on providing a good welcome for families for several years, and improves its services on an annual basis.

Enjoy a carriage ride

The resort is completely car-free. We take a carriage ride (to the children’s great excitement)!

We are excited by the slopes at the Village des Enfants (Children’s Village).

The children are well supervised. There is even an area dedicated to children known as the Village des Enfants, which is located at the heart of the ski resort and managed by over 100 ski instructors and organisers. Designed by Annie Famose, this area welcomes children aged 3–16 years old. It introduces young children to the joys of snow and skiing. Activities are adapted to the different age groups, and children can have lunch and snacks at the Village restaurant. In 2013, the Riglet Parkwas added, a miniature snowpark which introduces the thrills of snowboarding to children as young as 3 years of age.

For older children, there are more technical slopes allowing them to perfect their winter sports skills. For young skiers, there is slalom training, jump competitions and powder skiing. The Village Snowboard for boarding enthusiasts is open to 8–16 year-olds; allowing them to safely practice in specially designed areas, and to get a taste for thrills at a range of courses.

Did you know?

Ski passes are free for under 5s, and a children’s ski pass is valid up to 16 years old.

Bathing in Aquariaz

Opened in 2012, Aquariaz is a water park in the heart of Avoriaz. After a day's skiing, the whole family can bathe in 30°C water in a tropical setting or even enjoy going down a half pipe in a large ring... Guaranteed fun!