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Eurostar - choose between 3 classes

Standard Class

Travel in Standard Class and enjoy:

  • easy, 30 mins check in 
  • spacious, air-conditioned carriages
  • generous luggage allowance
  • a selection of food and drinks available to buy en route
  • free WiFi throughout St Pancras International station if you're departing from London.


Standard Premier

Upgrade to Standard Premier and you can enjoy extra comforts, including:

  • easy, 30 mins check in
  • dedicated coaches with spacious, comfier seats and extra legroom
  • power sockets at your seat so your lap top, mobile or tablet is charged up throughout the journey
  • complimentary newspapers and magazines
  • free meals and drinks served at your seat


Business Class

The ultimate way to travel on Eurostar! You can expect all the benefits of Standard Premier plus the following added luxuries:

  • fast track, 10 mins check in
  • access to exclusive Buisness Premier Lounges featuring free snacks, hot and cold beverages, including alchol, plus free magazines, newspapers, power sockets and WiFi
  • complimentary newspapers and magazines on board
  • free three course hot meals including Champagne, lunches and breakfasts created by Michelin-starrred chef Raymond Blanc served right to your seat.
  • easy-to-order taxi service (at extra costs) 


What can I take on board?

Luggage on Eurostar

  • No weight limits. No extra costs!
  • Adults can take 2 bags or suitcases with a maximum length of 85cm and 1 hand luggage.
  • Children are allowed 1 bag and 1 piece of hand luggage.
  • Each item should have a label with your name, seat number, date of travel and destination.
  • Skis or snowboards are allowed on the Direct Ski train free of charge. These items are in addition to the usual luggage allowance.
  • If you’d like to take more than the standard luggage allowance with you, or items over 85cm long, you must use our registered luggage service, Eurodespatch. This service is available in London, Paris, Lille and Brussels.

Bikes on Eurostar

Cyclists are welcome! But there are a few conditions:

  • Folding bikes smaller than 85cm long when fully folded can be carried on board as part of your normal luggage allowance at no extra cost.
  • All non-folding bikes or those over 85cm long will need to travel with Eurostar's registered luggage service, Eurodespatch, available if you're travelling from London, Paris, Lille and Brussels. Bikes will be placed in a padded bike bag or bike box as part of the service. If you want to keep your bike fully assembled, there is limited space available on the train so it's best to call Eurodespatch in advance on 03448 225 822 to check availability before you travel.
  • If you're travelling on Eurostar's Direct South of France services, non-folding bikes and bikes that exceed 85cm in length can be picked up and delivered to your destination with the train's partner company First Luggage.

Eurostar Access

Two dedicated wheelchair spaces are available per train located in the Standard Premier carriages, near a wheelchair-accessible toilet. Wheelchair users and a companion are charged the cost of a Standard Class ticket.

If you wish to travel with a battery-powered mobility scooter, Eurostar will transport them free of charge in the luggage hold if given advance notice. Scooters should be no wider than 100cm, otherwise it won’t fit on the lifts and ramps that help to get it on the train. 

Pets on Eurostar

  • Only guide dogs are allowed on Eurostar services.
  • Unfortunately, on the direct South of France and direct ski service, no pets are allowed - including guide dogs.

Services onboard Eurostar