The different types of seating options

The types of seating option offered on the site depend on:

  • the type of train selected (the layout is different on the various routes - TGV France and International; Eurostar, Thalys and Inrcités for instance),
  • the class (more comfort options in 1st class),
  • the number of seats available on the train when booking is made,
  • and the number of passengers travelling.

Choosing a seat when you make a booking

Selecting your seat is simple!

  • Once you have entered the train, time and fare you wish to book, follow the "Choose My Seat" link.
  • Choose from the different options available for the train selected.
  • Your seating will be allocated according to your preference and availability.

You will be given a seat number once you have paid for your booking.

Seats subject to availability

When all seats are booked, you will be offered an "no fixed seat booked " seat. In this case, your ticket will have a coach number and be marked "sans place attribuée" (no fixed seat booked).

Rest assured, to ensure we continue to deliver a quality service, the number of "no fixed seat booked " seats is limited. When you board the train, locate the ticket inspector who will help you find a place.

TGV, TGV France-Italy and TGV-Lyria (travel between Switzerland and France) trains

For maximum comfort, the seats are reclinable with headrest. You also have a folding table, footrest and individual reading lamp.

Several types of seating are available:

  • Window: beside the window
  • Aisle: on the aisle side
  • Carré: 4 seats face-to-face (2nd class)
  • Club 4: 4 seats face-to-face (1st class)
  • Single solo: A single seat beside the window (1st class)
  • Duo Vis-à-vis: 2 seats face-to-face (1st class)
  • Duo côte a côte: 2 seats side-by-side (1st and 2nd class)

Family seating and baby changing facilities

Make sure your children enjoy the journey! The TGV Family areas have four seats face-to-face separated from the rest of the coach. The baby changing facilities close to the Family areas have a changing table and bottle warmer.

Renfe-SNCF trains (travel between Spain and France)

You can choose from two travel classes :

  • 1st class / Premiere classe / Preference
  • 2nd Class / Second classe / Turista

Seats on the route Paris <> Barcelona

  • Window
  • Hallway
  • High hall
  • Low Hall

Seats on the route Toulouse <> Barcelona, Lyon <> Barcelona, Marseille <> Barcelona -Madrid

  • Window
  • Hallway

1st class / Premiere classe / Preference: Space "Salon Club" is a separate room, placed at the beginning of coach 1, containing 8 seats facing each other. Several screens allow you to connect a laptop.

Thalys trains (travel between France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands)

Several types of seating are available:

Comfort 1 (1st class)

  • Club Quatre and Club Duo areas
  • Solo seat
  • Lounge area available for business meetings of up to 6 people.

Comfort 2 (2nd class)

  • Window: beside the window
  • Aisle: on the aisle side
  • Duo côte a côte: 2 seats side by side

Make sure your children enjoy the journey! Thalys has special areas separate from the rest of the coach, a table children can use to play games or draw and a storage space for pushchairs.


INTERCITÉS de jour (booking mandatory) trains

Several types of seating are available:

  • Solo seat in 1st class
  • Duo seats, face-to-face or side-by-side
  • Club seats for 4 or 6 people: 4 or 6 seats face-to-face
  • Plus of course the special areas for families, the disabled, bikes, etc.

On a INTERCITÉS de jour (booking mandatory), you can book a seat facing the direction of travel. These seats can be booked, subject to availability, on most Intercités de jour routes except between Marseille and Nice and Narbonne and Cerbère.

On INTERCITÉS de nuit trains

There are three different types of travel areas on Intercités de nuit trains:

  • 1st class couchettes: for optimum comfort in the 1st class compartments. Four couchettes to a compartment.
  • 2nd class couchettes: compartments of 6 comfortable couchettes, optimal space and a restful atmosphere.
  • Reclinable seats: with armrests, fold-away footrests and backs which incline to 45° for maximum comfort.

To facilitate your journey, INTERCITÉS de nuit also offers dedicated areas:

  • An Information Point manned by ticket inspectors throughout the night.
  • Machines distributing hot and cold drinks and snacks.
  • A bike area.
  • Compartments reserved for women travelling alone and families.
  • Book yourself a Private Area from €40 to travel in greater comfort and in peace (only on journeys within France)

Seat selection on the INTERCITÉS 100% éco

INTERCITÉS 100% ECO is a daytime train offering a variety of seating options on the Paris-Toulouse route:

  • Seats in 6-person compartments, in 2nd class
  • Reclining seats in carriages, in 2nd class
  • Daytime couchettes in 4-person compartments, in 1st class

A catering trolley service is provided on board this train, combining convenience and indulgence. The seasonal restaurant menu changes three times a year to suit all kinds of customers. At any time of day you can find sandwiches, salads, sweet and savoury snacks, as well as hot and cold drinks to satisfy any craving.
Automatic dispensers for hot and cold drinks and sweets are also available on board.

Various seating options are offered on the Paris-Bordeaux route:

  • By the aisle or window, in a carriage or a compartment.
  • Solo, in Club Duo or Club Quatre
  • When making your reservation, you can choose whether or not you want to be in the direction of travel.
  • Special seats can be reserved for people with reduced mobility and people accompanying them.

Eurostar trains (travel between France, Belgium and the UK)

Several types of seating are available:

Business 1er class

  • Luxury travel with spacious seats, electric sockets (UK and French) and a selection of magazines.
  • Top-quality food and drink served at your seat at any time of day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Standard Premier class

  • Light refreshments delivered to your seat at any time of day.
  • Spacious reclinable seats, electric sockets (UK and French) and newspapers.

Standard class

  • 2 bar/buffet cars (6 and 13) serving light meals, snacks and drinks.
  • Window: beside the window
  • Aisle: on the aisle side

OUIGO trains

OUIGO offers seat options to suit your every whim. Several types of seat are available:

  • Standard seats: You get to travel in an inviting family-friendly area! 
  • Seats with plug sockets: Plug sockets are no longer an optional extra! We guarantee you one, so get plugged in on your OUIGO journey! 
  • Quiet zone seats: Travel in peace and quiet :) 
  • Seats for wheelchair users and those accompanying them: Seats designed especially for you! Bench-aisle seats

Italo trains

You can choose from different types of seats:

  • Aisle / Window seat
  • Seat Extra Place and Smart (more legroom)
  • Seat Solo in Club or Prima
  • Seat Vis-à-Vis with more comfort

Choose the Smart space travel to watch movies which are displayed on special 19 Inch screens. You can select this dedicated travel area during your booking.

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