The booking option service

This is a free service that allows you to reserve your ticket for a limited period. The ticket price is guaranteed for the full duration.

If you don't confirm your booking within the stated period, the option is automatically cancelled.

The option is available:

  • For travel on: TGV, INTERCITÉS, Eurostar (between France, Belgium and the UK) and Thalys (between France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands).
  • For exchangeable and refundable fares only, specifically all Loisirs (TGV, INTERCITÉS), Pro (TGV, INTERCITÉS) and SNCF discount card fares.

How do I book a train ticket with an option?

When booking an exchangeable or refundable ticket you can place an option free of charge.

Your option seats and fares are guaranteed until the date stipulated on your order summary.

Once you have validated your journey, select "Delivery option to be confirmed later : INTRODUCTORY OFFER".

Useful tip: enter your e-mail address when selecting the retrieval method and we will send you a reminder free of charge before your option expires.

Your booking is then guaranteed up to the time and date specified in your order confirmation.

After the deadline specified, your booking will be automatically cancelled.

How do I confirm and pay for my option on-line?

On the website:

  1. On the homepage click on the "My bookings" link.

  2. Enter your booking reference.

  3. Select "Pay for your tickets on-line" and follow the instructions.

At the (24 hour) self-service terminals, stations, SNCF boutiques in France:

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