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Have you placed an order but do not have the bank card that was used to make the online payment in order to collect your tickets?
Don’t leave without a ticket or you risk being fined. We suggest you:

  • Cancel your ticket online or directly at the ticket machine:

- First check whether the fare conditions of your ticket permit a full refund.
- Buy a new ticket.

  • If your original ticket is not entirely refundable, you can submit a claim:

- If you have bought an “e-ticket”, e-mail us via our contact page, specifying all the order reference numbers.
- If you have bought card (or “IATA format”) tickets, send us the originals with an explanatory letter to:

Service Clientèle
62973 ARRAS Cedex 9

  • What to do next time...

Go for an “e-ticket” if it is available for your trip. E-tickets are very practical – you can print them out at home with no need for a bank card!
This ticket is non-transferable and must include the traveller’s first and last name and date of birth.

MAJ le January 02, 2019 à 05:04 PM

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