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You can now connect your customer account to your professional expenses management tool (thanks to a partnership contract between your company and Concur).

All you need to do is tick the box at the bottom of the personal details entry page and, once your payment has been processed, we will transfer all of the information required for your expense report to your Concur account.

This service is only available for train tickets: it does not cover insurance or hotels.
Don’t worry if you wish to book a private trip! All of the information remains confidential until you click the box to transfer it to Concur when confirming your order.

Is your account saying that Concur is out of service?

Check that you meet the following conditions:

  • You are signed into the account in which Concur is activated
  • You are still employed by your partner company and your company’s partnership agreement with Concur is still in force

If you do meet these conditions, there may be a temporary technical error in the connection between and Concur. Please try again later. However, you could still book your journey and then manage your expenses statement manually on your Concur platform.

What do I need to do if I have exchanged or cancelled my ticket?

Sign in to your account before you exchange or cancel your ticket to make sure these actions are taken into account by Concur.
If you make changes to your booking in a station or by phone, these will not be reflected in Concur.

I forgot to tick the box to send my order to Concur

At present, we are unable to send your order to Concur after it has been booked. However, you will still be able to book your journey and then manage your expenses statement manually on your Concur platform.

How can I receive a receipt (invoice) for my order?

This page contains all the information you need if for some reason an official proof of your travel document is required.

My payment was rejected, how can I proceed?

For security reasons, the number and amount of the transactions are limited.

If your payment is refused, please repeat your order after at least 24 hours or use another payment card that is compatible with the 3D Secure or Safekey system.

Please see our dedicated section for more information.

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