Depending on the fare of your ticket, the exchange, cancellation and refund conditions may vary. The more interesting the fare, the less favourable the conditions. You can find the specific conditions for each fare in the grid below:


Terms and conditions of exchange, cancellation and refund
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Find your exchange and refund terms and conditions 

On each page of results, when you click on one of the fares, the exchange and refund terms and conditions of each are specified in the box:


You can also find these conditions in different places:

  • in the confirmation email of your order as well as on your paper ticket or e-ticket;
  • from your My Bookings space; for each order, click on "View trip" then on "Details and fare conditions," which will appear at the bottom right of each trip;
  • on your trip invoice.


Do you have to make connections during your trip? If you have purchased a trip that includes a non-reserved journey as well and a reserved one, the conditions of the journey requiring booking apply.


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