How do I pay for a train ticket on the website?

Once you've selected your collection method and entered your details (full name, email address, etc.) on the "Order" page you will be taken to the payment page.

This page will remind you of the collection method you selected and the full name and email address linked to your order.
We will ask you to select a payment method.

If you choose to pay by card, enter your card number (with no spaces), security code (the last three numbers in the "signature" area on the back of your card) and expiry date.

Some fares, Prem's and Prems last minute for example, require online payment.

You can't access the payment page?

If you are at work:

Perhaps your company has restricted your on-line actions. Contact your IT department.

If you are at home:

Check the security settings on your computer. These differ according to the application you use to access the Internet.

For example:

For Internet Explorer:

  1. Go to the "Tools" tab.

  2. Select "Internet Options" and then "Security"

  3. Check that the "default level" option is ticked.

For Mozilla Firefox :

  1. Go to the "Tools" tab.

  2. Select "Options",

  3. Click on the "Advanced" tab and ensure that the "Security" options are ticked.

Unable to pay for your booking online using 3D Secure?

Has your payment been declined?

As soon as you enter your bank card number the SNCF payment site asks the bank authorisation centre to allow the transaction.

When making a 3D Secure payment your bank runs a prior cardholder identity check: you may be asked to enter a special code to authorise the transaction.

If your online bank transaction is refused, wait at least 24 hours before trying again or use another payment card.

There is a restriction on the number and value of transactions.

How long does it take for a debit to be processed?

The time it takes for the debit to appear on your bank statement will depend on the terms and conditions of your card.

Do you have an immediate debit card? The debit will appear on your bank statement within 48 hours of your purchase.

Do you have a deferred debit card? The debit will appear on your bank statement at the end of the month.

Are you encountering other payment problems?

Send us an e-mail and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Give us as much information as possible about:

  • your computer (model, personal or company, internet browser).
  • the journey you would like to book (date, time, fare, number of passengers, any discounts).
  • the payment method used.


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