We are currently in the midst of an unprecedented situation that is impacting all areas of life: family, friends, professional and our daily movements. As you may know, in order to combat the spread of Covid-19, the decision was made to drastically reduce the amount of travel, which has had a significant impact on train traffic. 

We stand alongside you all during this difficult time and are doing everything we can to help stop the spread of Covid-19 as well as providing medical staff with free transport on TGV INOUI and Intercités trains that are running. 

To support the growing needs of the most vulnerable members of society, the Fondation de France, the Fondation de l’AP HP and the Institut Pasteur have joined forces under the name ‘Tous unis contre le virus’. We are amplifying their call for solidarity on this dedicated page via the continuing support of our partner ‘Un rien c’est tout’.

The information below is updated regularly and therefore details continue to evolve.


To control the spread of COVID 19 in France and Europe, the French government has asked that all travel is drastically reduced

Following governmental measures in France, the circulation of TGV INOUI trains will be drastically reduced over the following days and the circulation of OUIGO trains will stop completely from Friday 27/03/2020 until further notice. Also, Blablacar and Blablabus are no longer available on OUI.sncf.

For OUIGO, if you had purchased a ticket you will receive a full refund automatically onto the payment card used to purchase the ticket. A confirmation email will be sent within 48 hours.

Only clients that have a valid ticket as well as the certificate stipulated by the French government will be allowed to board the train. 

We would ask our clients to respect these guidelines and to carry the official certificate with them for essential travel. 

It is essential, now more than ever, that our teams are in place and working to maintain train services where possible. 


Train traffic has been reduced to the strict minimum, to allow essential services and goods to circulate. 

• If you have a ticket, you will be contacted by email or SMS before your trip to inform you if it is confirmed or cancelled 
OUI.sncf, l'assistant SNCF (in France only) and the traffic information on SNCF are updated at 5pm every day and give a reliable source of the traffic for TGV INOUI, OUIGO and Intercités (only the following day for TER trains).

Exchanges and refunds can be carried out online via the dedicated page of our website.

Blablabus services are currently suspended. More information is available here 

DB SNCF and RENFE SNCF en cooperation trains are not running until further notice. You can find more information on cancellations and refunds below. 


Sales points are closed until further notice. It it not advised to go to a station or boutique to buy, exchange or cancel train tickets. Below you will find the different exceptional conditions in place for the different carriers:

As a result of COVID 19, all travel until the 30/04/2020 included can be exchanged or refunded without extra fees for TGV INOUI and INTERCITES. 

Process to follow to get an exchange or refund of your ticket: 


The cancellation and exchange of tickets without extra fees up until the departure of the train can be done via the ‘My bookings’ on the website 
If your request is done after the train has left, it will only be possible to ask for a refund without extra fees via the Customer Service, within 60 days, by filling out this SNCF form.
You can use this same form if you are experiencing difficulties on the website or on your customer account. 


You can request to cancel or exchange your tickets up to 1h30 before the departure of your train via this link


If you have a TER ticket that includes a connection via a TGV or INTERCITES train, you can ask for a refund via ‘My bookings’ 


For paper tickets: to request a refund without extra fees, you must go to an SNCF desk in the station or an SNCF boutique up to 60 days after the end of stage 3. 

For an E-ticket: to request a refund please go to the TER regional website or contact the TER customer service up to 60 days after the end of stage 3. This applies to all tickets for travel between Monday 09th March to Thursday 30th April 2020 included. 


Eurostar has reduced the normal timetable of trains. 

The business lounges in Paris and Brussels are closed. The business lounge in London St Pancras and Ebbsfleet remain open for the time being.

As a result of the current health situation, a number of Eurostar trains have been cancelled. Passengers affected by these cancellations will be informed directly.

Passengers effected by a cancelled train can request an E-voucher or a free exchange. The E-voucher is available by filling out this form.
To exchange your ticket, you can process the request on Eurostar.com (excluding tickets with Eurostar + SNCF ticket combined).


Due to the high levels of coronavirus in Italy, it is not advised to travel between France and Italy at this time. As a result, you can cancel your trip with TGV France Italy with no extra fees for trains running from the 26/02/2020 to 30/04/2020 via the ‘My orders’ up until the departure of the train. 
For journeys including a connection, you can request a refund via the SNCF complaint form


Refunds with no extra fees are available via the ‘My bookings’ page. For all requests made before the departure of the train, exchange without extra fees is possible from the 17/03/2020 to 30/04/2020 and only for a new travel date before the 30/04/2020. For any requests after the train has left, you must make the request via SNCF complaint form.


Following the measures announced between Switzerland and France in terms of restaurants, TGV Lyria has suspended its onboard food service (bars, onboard sales and the meal service in Business Premier). There will also be a reduced train timetable. Find all the information here for TGV Lyria trains modified as a result of COVID 19. 

Refunds without extra fees are available via the ‘My bookings’ page. For requests carried out before the departure of the train, exchanges are available without extra cost from the 17/03/2020 to 30/04/2020 and only for a new travel date before the 30/04/2020. For any requests after the train has left, you must make the request via SNCF complaint form.

RENFE SNCF en cooperation 

Below is the impact on the traffic of the trains: 

train circulation

In order to limit the risk of contamination, the onboard food service is suspended until further notice. Refunds without extra fees can be processed in the station or at an SNCF boutique before the departure of the train. The request can also be made via SNCF complaint form


The Thalys train timetables have been modified because of COVID 19 from Saturday 21st March:
•    2 return trips Paris-Brussels
•    2 return trips Brussels-Amsterdam

Specific commercial measures have been implemented because of COVID 19. For all trips from the 10th March to 30th April, Thalys is allowing refunds or exchanges without extra fees. For all Thalys and IZY trips booked from 10/03/2020 to 30/04/2020, you can request a free exchange up to the April 2021.

For all trips from the 01st May to 31st July 2020, Thalys is allowing refunds or free exchange up to 30 days before the departure date on the ticket. 

To request a refund without extra fees, you can fill out the SNCF form or via post at the following address: Service Relation Clients SNCF, 62 973 ARRAS Cedex 9
For any other requests not mentioned above, normal terms and conditions apply.


Due to the ongoing health risk around COVID 19 and the advice given by public bodies, SNCF is sorry to inform you that the booking and assistance for clients requiring special assistance or disabled travelers will not be available from the 18th March onwards. The reason for this is the service would mean the SNCF staff would not be able to respect the steps necessary to minimise the infection, especially keeping a distance. Please be aware that this service will recommence as soon as is possible when the stage 3 is lifted. 

The Grand Voyageur lounges and onboard catering services are closed until further notice. Please bring any refreshments you need before boarding the train. 

The Domicile-Train service is suspended until further notice. 

The Junior et Cie service 
Sales for this service are closed until the 03/05/2020. The onboard service is suspended for the next 2 weekends until the 29/03/2020. Customers who are impacted by this will automatically receive a full refund. For trips after the 29/03/2020, including the Easter holidays, the service will be available unless further changes are announced. If you wish, you can exchange (for after the 03/05/2020) or get a full refund without extra fees via your client account (up until the day before your departure). 

Recommended hygiene habits 

•    Wash your hands regularly (for at least 30 seconds)
•    Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough
•    Use single use tissues and throw away after using 
•    Wear a mask if you are sick 

If you have a fever, cough or breathing problems:
•    Contact the SAMU on 15 if you are in France, or the local emergency line
•    Avoid all contact with other people and wear a mask
•    Do not go to the doctor or emergency department

Coronavirus: what you need to know for train travel 

Is it risky to travel on the train, considering it is a confined space?
The onboard hygiene depends largely on the travelers aboard adopting the recommended hygiene habits: Do not use public transport if you have symptoms, wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze into your elbow, use disposable tissues. 

Are trains being cleaned regularly? 

The SNCF has been cleaning trains fully every day since the beginning of March. On top of the normal cleaning that is done, all surfaces on board the train and in stations as well as the floors are being disinfected with bleach. 



I have return ticket where the first leg is TGV and the way back is OUIGO, how can I get a refund?

For the TGV leg, you can request a refund via the ‘My orders’ page to cancel your ticket and receive your refund. For the OUIGO leg, please go to this dedicated page to receive your refund.

You can find the full list of commercial measures for all carriers below. If you are travelling with a mix of different carriers please follow the procedure for each carrier.

It is already passed the departure date on my ticket and I can’t cancel it!

If the departure date on your ticket has already happened, please use the SNCF form to request a refund.

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