A discount code is a code – simple so far! – that allows you to enjoy a discount on your next ticket purchase.

How can I obtain one? Discount codes are generated when Voyage-sncf.com releases special offers! So keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up-to-date on our current promotions.

A little info about discount codes:

  • Discount codes are valid for a limited duration under the current promotion.
  • Discount codes can be combined with SNCF promo codes!
  • Discount codes are environmentally-friendly; they only apply if you choose the “e-ticket” collection option!
  • Don’t forget to enter your discount code when placing your order. It will no longer be possible to apply a discount after you have paid for your booking.

How can I enjoy my discount code?

1. Enter your travel preferences in the booking form, then choose the ticket that best suits you. (Your travel destination must match the current promotion).

2. Enter your discount code on the payment page when you enter your bank details.

Please note: discount codes only apply if you choose to pay by bank card.

3. Then click on “Apply” and your discount code will appear in your booking quote :)

The total value of your basket must be higher than the value of your discount code.

discount code not working?

Let’s take a closer look at the possible reasons for this:

  • The expiry date on your discount code has passed. Use your discount code as soon as possible as we are unfortunately unable to change the expiry date.
  • Our discount codes have sold out. There is a limited number of discount codes. We therefore advise you to use your discount as soon as possible.
  • The selected journey is not eligible for the current promotion. Please check that your journey is compatible with our offer.
  • You have purchased insurance along with your ticket. Unfortunately, discount codes are not compatible with this option.
  • Your basket contains several products, or products for which the discount code is not valid. Pay for your purchases separately, and enter your discount code to enjoy your discount.

Can you exchange or reimburse your ticket after using a discount code?

Discount codes are flexible in the event of unforeseen circumstances! 

  • You can exchange your ticket while preserving the value of your discount code. 

If the terms and conditions of exchange for your ticket permit, the date and time of your ticket can be modified within the limits of the promotion concerned.

Please note: You can only preserve the value of your discount code by exchanging your ticket. If you cancel your ticket, you will lose your code.

  • You can cancel the order paid for using your discount code if the terms and conditions regarding the cancellation of your ticket permit.

The value of your discount code will not be reimbursed and you will lose your discount. 

What is the difference between a promo code and a discount code?

Discount codes and discount codes are related! If you receive both codes in your inbox, there is a foolproof way to tell the difference: check who sent them!

  • Discount codes are issued by SNCF (the operator) through the SNCF Loyalty department!

? This code is unique and is created just for you. You will receive one by e-mail during special promotions for SNCF loyalty card holders or as part of our Travel Guarantee.

  • Promo codes are sent by us, OUI.sncf! 

These codes are open to all customers. You will receive them by e-mail, in our newsletters, during promotional campaigns available on our website.


Last modified at Tue, 09/08/2020 - 11:39

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