The e-ticket is a ticket to print at home on paper, or to download to your smartphone or tablet.

It is available to all destinations in France and Europe (with TGV, INTERCITÉS, connected TER and Thalys), as well as from Geneva for connections including TER and TGV.

It is available for all rates, except animal rates.

The e-ticket is really practical:


  • Your e-ticket is available immediately, on your app and by e-mail.
  • Goodbye to lost tickets! You find them in a few clicks and can print them at any time.
  • No need to go through the composting box.
  • After-sales service is also simplified.

No need to move! You can easily exchange or cancel your tickets via the website, in the "My Bookings" area or via the app. You will be refunded automatically to your bank account.

You can also print your e-ticket at the self-service kiosk.

How does it work?

Receive your nominative e-ticket by email immediately after your purchase.
 Print it out anytime, until your train departs.
 Do you have a smartphone? No need to print anymore! Download the barcode in our app.
  Do you have a Voyageur loyalty card? Even easier! It automatically loads your ticket without any action from your part.

If you do not print the e-ticket confirmation, we remind you of the obligation to download it to your mobile or to issue it from the Self Service Terminal before boarding.

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