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The e-ticket is a virtual ticket you print out or download to your smartphone or tablet.
The e-ticket is available for more than 1,500 destinations in France (with TGV, INTERCITÉS, TER connecting services) and Europe.
It is available for all fares except the pet tickets.

Why choose an e-ticket?

With an e-ticket:

  • you no longer need to collect your ticket at an SNCF boutique or station;
  • boarding is hassle-free and you don’t need to validate your ticket;
  • you can change or cancel your ticket any time up to departure of your train at or on the Voyages-SNCF app, if your fare permits;
  • you receive any refund directly onto the bank card used to make payment – you no longer need to take your ticket back to the station for a refund;
  • there is no risk of losing your ticket – print your e-ticket as many times as you like or download it to your smartphone or tablet, using the Voyages-SNCF app;
  • Are you a member of the Voyageur loyalty programme? If you select an e-ticket, your ticket will be saved to your loyalty card.

How to use an e-ticket

1. Booking

Book your tickets:

  • at; or
  • using the Voyages-SNCF app on your mobile or tablet.

Enter the full names of each passenger. The e-ticket is personal and non-transferable.
When you come to the collection options page, select “e-ticket”.

Place your order.

Once you have received your confirmation email, you can choose to:

  • print a paper copy of your ticket, or
  • download your e-ticket to your mobile (the “My Tickets” tab of the mobile app). 

The e-ticket will be offered by default if it is available for the journey and fare you have selected when booking.

Do you have a Voyageur loyalty card?
Enter your card number when making your booking and your e-ticket will be automatically saved to your card.
You can also find your Voyageur loyalty card on your mobilE in the SNCF Direct or TGV Pro app.
Show the ticket inspector your card displayed on your mobile screen when requested.
If you have a Voyageur loyalty card and/or a Pro fare e-ticket, you will receive a text message with your main travel details (seat, time of departure, etc.) the day before you leave.

2. Issuing the e-ticket

Select a format:

  • paper: print your tickets (one for each passenger and each journey) at any time before departure.
  • mobile: download the e-ticket barcode to your smartphone or tablet with the Voyages-SNCF app.
  • Voyageur card: if you entered your Voyageur loyalty card number, your e-ticket will be saved to your card.

E-tickets are valid only for the train, date and journey specified.
Do you have an iPhone with an iOS6 or later operating system?
Passbook is available in the Voyages-SNCF app.

3. Onboard ticket inspection

When the inspector passes, show:

  • your e-ticket print-out;
  • your e-ticket barcode on the screen of your smartphone or tablet; or
  • your Voyageur loyalty card containing your e-ticket.

You will be asked for ID on board the train. You are required to carry valid photo-ID (identity card, passport or ‘carte de séjour’ residence permit)

E-tickets are valid only for the train, date, class and journey specified.


E-tickets on your phone.

Get your e-ticket on your phone?

This app makes it possible.

  • No need to print it out for your journey.

You will find your e-ticket in the “my tickets” section of your app. You will need your order reference number (6 capital letters).
Show the barcode displayed to the ticket inspector – it acts as your ticket.

  • There’s no risk of losing your ticket.

It stays inside the app. Run out of battery or unable to access 3G? You can always obtain a printout from a ticket machine at any station in France.

  • You can cancel or exchange your ticket at any time before your train’s departure time.

Please check the fare conditions for your ticket.

Booked your ticket on our website or via the mobile site and want to download your ticket onto your smartphone? Yes, you can.

  • Note down your order reference.
  • Download the app.
  • Go to the “My tickets” section and enter your order reference(s).
  • Now you have your ticket, there’s no need to print it. Enjoy your journey.


Advice about printing or downloading an e-ticket

Print your e-ticket

Don’t worry, you can print your e-ticket right up until the departure of the train on any computer with Adobe Reader and a standard printer (office, friends/relatives, internet café).

First make sure that Acrobat Reader is installed on your computer.

Print your e-ticket:

  • from your order confirmation email,
  • or the “My Orders” area on the website (top right of the homepage). Click on the “Print my e-ticket” tab.

E-tickets must be printed on A4 paper. They can be printed in colour or black and white but you must not change the size. A good quality print-out is needed to allow us to scan the barcodes.

If you didn’t print your e-ticket confirmation, please you must download your e-tickets in your mobile application, or you can print them in a self-service terminal, available in the train station.

Are you a member of the Voyageur loyalty programme?

Enter your Voyageur card number when making your booking and your e-ticket will be automatically saved to your card.

Having problems printing your train tickets?

Speak with an online advisor or send us a message.

Download your e-ticket to your mobile

If you booked your ticket on the Voyages-SNCF app, your e-ticket is generated once payment is confirmed. You’ll find your e-ticket in “My Tickets” in your app.

If you booked at and wish to download your e-ticket to the Voyages-SNCF app, go to “My Tickets” on your app.

A 2D barcode is generated for each passenger and each journey. Simply show this to the train manager. Once generated, your e-ticket barcode is saved and can still be accessed offline.

Change the collection method

The retrieval method selected when booking cannot be changed.

Exchange or cancel an e-ticket

If your fare permits, you can change or cancel your e-ticket until departure of the train:

  • at, in the “My Orders” area;
  • in the Voyages-SNCF mobile app, in the “My Tickets” area; or
  • by phone on +33 892 35 35 35 (cost of an international call, not including the extra fees from your operator)

See the exchange, cancellation and refund conditions for each fare

E-ticket lost or forgotten

Have you forgotten or lost your e-ticket print-out? Is your mobile lost or out of battery?

Don’t worry, you can print your e-ticket at a ticket office, information point or Self-Service ticket machine at an SNCF station. Simply enter your full name and date of birth.

Find the nearest Self-Service Ticket Machines

e-ticket receipt

Do you need an invoice for your accounts? All information is available on the relevant page.

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