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Travelling with an e-ticket and need proof of purchase for your company’s accounts or for personal tax purposes?

This document allows you to prove that your trip has taken place and that it has not been cancelled. It is therefore issued 24 hours after the return trip :)

It is not to be confused with an invoice. Note that VAT is not deductible for travel services (by rail, air or road).

For this reason, no invoice is issued.


Where can I find my proof of purchase?

Whatever the case, your paper ticket serves as proof of purchase.

How do I get proof of purchase for TGV or INTERCITÉS e-tickets?

You can request proof of purchase 24 hours after completing the trip via the My bookings section.
"• Or, to receive it automatically by email, sign up to the free service! With this service, you will automatically receive an email 48 hours after the arrival of your last journey.

Proof of purchase remains available in the My bookings section for two months (via the app) or one year (via the site, provided you have a Customer Account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one via this link.

Proof of travel is not available for regional TER tickets.


How do I get proof of purchase for other carriers? (OUIGO, Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, etc.)

Both paper tickets and e-tickets serve as proof of purchase.


Having difficulty accessing your proof of payment?

 Both your outward and return journey must be completed before you can access your proof of travel

• If you cannot access your proof of purchase from your personal account, log out and instead head to “My bookings”, indicating your reference number and the last name used to make the booking (available for two months)
• If you have booked a TER ticket, proof of travel is not available for this carrier

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