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Need proof of purchase (for your Accounts department, for example?) Here’s how it works!

Whatever the case, your paper ticket serves as proof of purchase.

For e-tickets it depends on the carrier:


You can request proof of purchase 24h after completing the trip via the My bookings section.

 Clever tip: to receive your proof of purchase automatically

by email, sign up to the free service!

 NB :

  • Proof of purchase cannot be issued before your journey.

  • They remain available in the My bookings section for two months (via the app) or one year (via the site, if you have a Customer Account).

  • proof of payment is not available for regional TER tickets.

FOR OTHER CARRIERS (Eurostar, Thalys, Lyria, etc.):

Both e-tickets and paper tickets serve as proof of purchase.

MAJ le 04 janvier 2019 à 17:01

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