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TGV trains and TGV France-Italy

A bar coach is available throughout the journey.

Travelling 1st class? With the in-seat restaurant service, you can enjoy a range of well-balanced dishes served at your seat:

Service available at mealtimes, Mondays to Fridays (excluding the summer/Christmas holidays and bank holidays) on the busiest TGV routes (Paris <> Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Rennes, Bordeaux, Strasbourg).


All TGV restaurant services

TGV-Lyria trains (travel between Switzerland and France)

There is a bar coach in the middle of the train (coach 4 or 14).

International travellers in 1st class can use the in-seat restaurant service.

Renfe-SNCF trains (travel between Spain and France)

A wide range of Mediterranean flavors is offered in the special bar carriage.

Thalys trains (travel between France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands)

The Thalys bar is available throughout the journey.

A meal will only be included in the ticket price if you book a PREMIUM fare. If your journey is more than 45 minutes long, a hostess will serve you a light balanced meal, suitable for the time of day. If you are vegetarian you needn’t worry, a vegetarian option is available on all our services!

TER trains

TER trains don't have a restaurant service.

INTERCITÉS de jour trains

A refreshment trolley is available throughout the journey.

INTERCITÉS de nuit trains (night service)

The international Intercités night trains does not have onboard catering.


When traveling with Intercités from Paris to another city in France on 1st class, you can book your box lunch at the same time as your train ticket.
Visit our page to book your meal. It will be delivered to your seat (website available in French only).

Eurostar trains (travel between France, Belgium and the UK)

Travelling in Business premier class?


Then you can expect a delicious meal appropriate for your time of travel. Choose from the menu displayed on board the train. If travelling in the morning you also have the option of an express breakfast.



Travelling in Standard Premier class?


Cold, light refreshments can be served to your seat throughout the day (Book your meal on board the train).



Travelling in Standard class?


A buffet bar is available throughout the journey.

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