Discount codes allow you to travel for less the next time you buy your train ticket online.

There are two types of discount code.

1) "Advantage" codes (see our dedicated page) or voucher sent by SNCF (for example following a delay, as part of a loyalty program or a sales event).

These codes must be entered in the beginning of your search, on the reservation page by clicking on modify in the "traveler" selection or directly by checking the box "add a reduction code".

Add an advantage code or voucher

Possibility 1


Possibility 2


2) The promo codes, are codes sent by and must be entered at the time of payment.

Use a promo code



How to use the discount codes in the case where you're making a booking with several travelers?

For a reservation with several travelers, how do I enter a discount code per person?

Only the Advantage Codes or SNCF voucher (that must be entered on the first search page, in the reservation form) can be entered per traveler.

Please note that this functionality currently exists only on the website and not on the mobile application.

To enter the code for several passengers, you must:

  1. Enter the code of traveler N ° 1 as described above
  2. Click on "add a traveler", then click on "modify" in the information of the 2nd traveler and in the box that appears, enter the discount code of the 2nd traveler.
  3. The procedure is applicable for each new traveler added.




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