If the fare conditions of your ticket allow it, you can obtain a refund: after having cancelled your tickets, after an exchange, or following a complaint made by email or by sending a letter.


comment me faire rembourser

* You must first make a request using the SNCF complaint form

** Specific measures have been put into place for tickets dating from March 2020, find out more

The times indicated are valid in nominal situations.

Tableau remboursement transporteurs européens
The times indicated correspond to the carrier's processing times, this period may be extended after transmission of the documents to SNCF.

If you have paid with holiday vouchers, please make your request for a reimbursement via our complaint form. To do so, please cancel your ticket beforehand if the fare conditions allow it (eighter online, at 3635 or at an SNCF point of sale). We remind you that it is impossible for SNCF agents to reimburse at the stations or at the SNCF points of sale.
If you have paid with a single-use bank card or a card that has expired on the day of cancellation: the refund will be made to your bank account. However, the delay may be longer. If no refund appears at the end of the month, please contact your bank.

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