Do you want to know the collection points for your train tickets in France? You will find all the useful information on this page!

Collection at the train station, shop or self-service terminal


If you have paid for your ticket online:

Bring your bank card and the associated code, used for the online payment, and go to a train-station counter in France, an SNCF store or self-service terminal.

If you have booked the (Thalys) Smilys fare: you must print out your ticket at home.

you have placed an option on the website:

All you have to do is pay and collect your ticket:

Bring your travel file reference (6 letters) and the name associated with the reference (that was given to you when you were placing the option).

You can collect your tickets at the counter of a train-station in France, in an SNCF store or go to a self-service terminal.
Your bank card must have a chip on it, to be able to collect your train tickets at a self-service terminal.

If your card does not have a chip (American Express card or a foreign card), we invite you to collect your tickets from a vendor at the station.


 Find an SNCF point of sale:

Forgot your bank card?

To collect your train tickets at the station, shop or self-service terminal, it is essential to show the bank card used for the purchase. This additional check is compulsory because the train tickets issued at the terminal or at the ticket office can be used by everyone.

Without it, it is impossible to get your ticket. So remember to bring it with you.

If you do not have the bank card used to pay for your order:

You cannot get your ticket and must therefore purchase a new ticket.

Afterwards you can make a refund request online for the tickets that have not been collected.

If the price conditions related to your ticket allow it, you can cancel or exchange your ticket on the website, via the “My Bookings” area and select the home delivery (if time permits) or e-ticket .

This also applies if your card has expired when the order is collected, or if it has been stolen.


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