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Cycling friends, welcome on board! Whether for a daily commute or to reach the start of the Tour du France, you can carry your precious two-wheeled mount on most of our trains. But only under certain conditions:

 The golden rule: a disassembled bike, stored in a specific cover with maximum dimensions of 120 x 90 cm is considered hand luggage. It does not require a reservation, and it does not incur  an additional charge (except with Ouigo: the additional luggage option, see below).

If you wish to transport your bike without disassembling it, this will incur an additional charge in most cases, and you must book the bike service when buying your train ticket.

If the bike transport service is not available for part of your journey, you will not be able to book this service online.

 The exchange and refund conditions for your bike service are the same as those for your train ticket.

You’ll find all the different services and their rates, by carrier and depending on whether you dismantle your bike or not, in the tables below.

National carriers

International carriers

We will deal with all the different scenarios below, so that you know what to expect. But before that, read the procedure to book a bike service on

How do you place a reservation for a non-disassembled bike ?

Now that you've identified the conditions and fares, here's how to include your non-disassembled bike with your train ticket.

When you have selected your dates and your departure and arrival stations and then run the search, you will arrive at the results page which displays all the trains, timetables and possible fares.

At this point, in the box on the left that shows the particulars of your search, click on the "X traveller" part at the bottom, as follows:

The next box will appear; select "Add bike(s)":

This way you can add a bike, disassembled or not, to your journey:

Do not forget to click on "Search" to validate this option!

 Ticket reservations with non-disassembled bikes are made for  all passengers. You must make a separate booking for any passengers travelling without a bike. For dismantled bicycles, reservation is not necessary.

The results page is then refreshed and you can select the trip that suits you. Please make sure that the bike option is registered correctly:

Similarly, once you have validated your choice by clicking on "Choose this outbound trip", the option will appear in your basket:

And you’re all set!

Travelling on TGV and INTERCITÉS trains with mandatory reservation

If dismantled and transported in a special cover with maximum dimensions of 120 x 90 cm, your bike will be considered hand luggage. You can take it with you for free without placing a reservation.

If you have not disassembled your bike, you can stow it in the bike space available on some mainline trains or in the luggage wagon: this is a special bike area on some TGVs that can take 4 bikes. The reservation fee is €10.

 Please note that transporting non-disassembled bikes is not allowed in 1st class.


Journeys on INTERCITÉS trains without mandatory reservation

INTERCITÉ trains provide you with a space to transport non-disassembled bicycles.

To travel with your bike you must, when booking your train ticket, specify that you are travelling with a bike. You will be allocated a seat near your bike. Placing a bike storage reservation costs either €0 or €5 depending on the line.

It is also possible to travel with a disassembled bike (it must be placed in a cover (size: 120 x 90 x 60 cm)).

Only standard bicycles are accepted on board trains. Transportation of recumbent bicycles, tricycles, tandems and trailers of any kind is not allowed.

Journeys aboard INTERCITÉS 100% Eco trains

Aboard INTERCITÉS 100% ECO trains, you can carry your bike either disassembled or non-disassembled.

Only standard bicycles are accepted on board trains. Transportation of recumbent bicycles, tricycles, tandems and trailers of any kind is not allowed.

Look for the "bike" pictogram when buying your train ticket.  

NB: If you are travelling on 100% eco Paris-Toulouse trains, bike transport is available.

On the other hand, aboard INTERCITÉS 100% eco Paris-Bordeaux trains, the service is not yet available.

Travelling aboard TER regional trains


You can have your bike shipped by train or travel with your bike for free on all TER regional trains in your area.

All TER regional trains allow bicycle transport, all day, but subject to space being available. Some restrictions apply in some areas.

Check out the features of TER regional trains by region


Aboard Eurostar trains (journeys to England)

In the London, Paris, Lille Europe and Brussels terminals, bicycles must be checked in with the checked luggage service. Nevertheless, it is possible to travel with the bike disassembled/folded and placed in a cover (max 1.20 m x 0.90 m)


Aboard Thalys trains (journeys to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany)

Bikes that are placed in a 120 x 90 cm cover (front wheel removed) are accepted free of charge. Non-disassembled bicycles are not accepted.

Journeys aboard TGV-Lyria (journeys to Switzerland)

You can carry your disassembled bike, stored in a cover no larger than 120 x 90 cm, for free as hand luggage. Non-disassembled bicycles are not accepted. 

Aboard Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains (journeys to Spain)

Your bike counts as a piece of luggage and must be dismantled and stored in a cover no larger than 120 x 90 cm. Non-disassembled bicycles are not allowed on Renfe-SNCF en Coopération trains.

Journeys aboard TGV France-Italy trains

Bikes that are dismantled and transported in a specific cover not exceeding 1.20 m x 0.90 m can be transported without the need for an extra reservation.

Aboard OUIGO trains

Bicycles can be transported aboard OUIGO trains. When you buy your ticket you need to select the "additional luggage" option.

You will be charged €5 at the time of purchase or €10 if you decide to add it at a later date.

NB: If you haven't selected this option before the day of departure, you will be charged €40 on boarding to add this service.

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