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A delay of more than 30 minutes to your TGV or INTERCITÉS train*, for whatever reason, means that you can apply for compensation and receive your travel voucher directly by mail.

Don’t worry about papers flying away in the wind any more, your voucher can be used online, in an SNCF station, or in SNCF shops :)

If you have purchased an e-ticket, SNCF is committed to responding to your online request within five days (within 48 hours on average) and sending your digital voucher, if applicable, within the next 24 hours.


How does it work?

  1. I make my online compensation claim on the website (only available in French)  Find out how to make your compensation claim here 

  2. I receive my voucher by email in the form of a nine-digit code

  3. I use my voucher on the website or in an SNCF station or shop.

Some information about the voucher:

  • It is valid for one year from the date of issue
  • It can be used on all TGV and INTERCITÉS routes in France 
  • It is valid for one passenger

How do I get my voucher?

It’s really easy; just enter your nine-digit code into the specified field on our booking form on the home page.

You will see that your voucher has been taken into account when you pay for your ticket.


* INTERCITÉS 100% ECO trains are only entitled to the new 30 Minutes Guarantee if they are delayed for an hour or more.

MAJ le 01 août 2017 à 13:56

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