Discover the rates solutions adapted for your trips with INTERCITÉS. Discount cards and carte Liberté, Pro rates, Prem's, INTERCITIES by night, Happy Hour and INTERCITIES 100% ECO: there is always a rate that answers perfectly to your needs.

Know more about our rates

  • 2nd class

    The essentiel

    Ticket exchangeable and refundable under conditions (including the prem's) until departure

    Enjoy wifi, an electrical socket and catering at your seat!

  • 1st class

    The comfort

    Ticket exchangeable and refundable under conditions until departure

    more services in 2nd class: enjoy a reclining seat and more room for your legs

  • Business Première

    The flexibility

    nTicket exchangeable and refundable under conditions until up to 30 min after departure

    More services: take advantage of the Grand Voyageur lounge on some destinations


  • Travel connected

    You can now connect easily and free to the Internet on board of your INTERCITÉS train on the line Paris - Clermont-Ferrand and Paris - Limoges - Toulouse.

  • For gourmands

    Order our catering offer with local, high quelity products online, they will be served at your seat on board.

  • For families

    Find squares with 6 places, a nursery area and play areas for children!

  • For sportive people

    Take your bike with you for free on INTERCITÉS 100% ECO lines and from €5 on other lines.

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Happy Hour et 100% eco offers

  • INTERCITÉS 100% ÉCO is the low cost offer of INTERCITÉS. This offer is available on the routes Paris-Toulouse, Paris-Lyon and Paris-Nantes and allows you to travel for 35 € maximum. Order your tickets here (web exclusivity).
  • INTERCITÉS HAPPY HOUR : Traveling last minute with INTERCITÉS? Take advantage of the Happy Hour offer on a selection of destinations and book your 2nd class tickets online with at least 50% discount. Order your tickets here

INTERCITÉS night advantages

  • Comfort on board

    Guaranteed comfort with our different travel areas: single and private lady space, berths, reclining seats ...

  • Tranquility

    The ideal solution for long journeys.

  • Gain time and money

    Thanks to night trains, yo win a day of travel and save one night of accommodation!

Low fares