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Rather than visit the usual tourist hotspots, give your InterRail adventure a theme! Whatever your sporting tendencies, there’s always an InterRail trip for you.

Motorsports WITH INTERRAIL      

If you’re a fan of all things motor-racing then this is the itinerary for you. Europe’s famous motorsports sites are practically on your doorstep.


Take the early train from Paris and you could be at Spa (close to Liège) by lunchtime, and heading for the notorious Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Home to the famous Eau Rouge corner and La Source hairpin, this racetrack plays host to dozens of competitions all year round. The most notable is of course, the Formula 1 Belgian Grand Prix. And with obscure weather patterns which can cause the track to be extremely wet at one end but dry and bright at the other, the action is always going to be exciting.


And if watching the action isn’t enough, head for Bonn, the closest train station to the Nurburgring. Book a ride with a co-pilot or opt for driver training – you might need to make sure you’ve got plenty of spending money though.


Once you’ve had the opportunity to get on the track yourself, delve into the history of motor-racing in Europe and make your next stop Modena. From here, you can take a bus to the home of Ferrari, Maranello. Hire a bike and visit the Ferrari factory, the Ferrari store and the Fiorano racetrack and get a taste of the Italian car giants synonymous with motorsport.


While you’re touching on motorsport history, take the opportunity to cross the border from Italy into France. You’d need to change trains a couple of times but would any motorsport itinerary be complete without a stop at the famous principality of Monaco? Soak up the atmosphere of this most glamorous of motor-racing locations.

End your trip with 24 hours in Le Mans. You probably couldn’t fit an event at each of these into one InterRail trip, but if you could only see one, what better way to end your motorsport tour of Europe than joining in the buzz and excitement of motor-racing’s biggest event: Le Mans 24 hours?


Route: Spa – Bonn – Modena – Monaco – Madrid – Le Mans    

Follow the football WITH INTERRAIL  

If you’re a fan of the beautiful game, regardless of who’s playing, then take an InterRail trip to some of Europe’s key football destinations, and watch some top teams in action.


Kick off your trip by taking the overnight sleeper from Paris to Munich, and visit Bayern Munich's Allianz Arena.


From Munich, travel south into Italy, and catch a derby in Milan between AC Milan and Inter Milan. How many cities can claim having two European Cup/Champions League winning teams?


After the excitement of a thrilling derby, head to Paris and from here, take the train to Barcelona. Tour FC Barcelona’s home ground, the Nou Camp, and then take a high-speed train journey across to Madrid and catch a Real Madrid game at the Bernabeu.


For your last stop, visit Lyon, home to Olympique Lyonnais, who have recently won 7 consecutive national titles.


Route: Munich – Milan – Barcelona – Madrid – Lyon


Watersports WITH INTERRAIL      

If you’re a fan of watersports, why tie yourself to 1destination when Europe has such a vast network of lakes, rivers and seas for you to explore?


Start your trip off by heading to Biarritz. Dubbed the capital of surfing in Europe, and annual host to the Roxy Jam Women’s World Longboard Championships, you’d have to grab your board and take to the waves.


After you’ve caught some gnarly waves, travel cross country to Montelimar. You can use this city as a base for canoeing in the Ardeche. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the stunning scenery makes this a must-do on any watersport itinerary.


Head into Italy and to Como for a chance to try water-skiing. Lake Como is one of Europe’s deepest lakes, with the deepest point being 410m. With a wealth of watersports available, you’re sure to find something to suit you.


Take the train from Como back to Milan and change for a service into Switzerland. Make your way to Interlaken and the rapids for some white-water rafting. Then head north into Germany and Brandenburg, which has 30,000km of waterways; a great place for some kayaking. Explore this historic city from an alternative angle.


Routes: Biarritz – Montelimar – Como – Interlaken – Brandenburg 

InterRail EXTREME Sports

Make your InterRail adventure an adrenaline fuelled experience of a lifetime! Start your trip in Slovenia, at Nova Gorica and bungee jump from the 55 metre high Solkan bridge. That’ll put bounce in your trip.


For your next stop, head south to Como, northern Italy. Take to the skies for some stunning views – you can either opt for a spot of paragliding, or why not take a unique opportunity to learn to fly a seaplane?


End your trip in Chamonix, in France’s Rhone-Alps region. So far you’ve taken to the skies, climbed mountains and jumped down waterfalls. Chamonix’s wide array of sporting activities means you might have difficulty choosing your next activity. Choose from mountain-biking, paint-balling or hydrospeeding – using a large float to navigate the rapids.


And if all that has exhausted you, Chamonix has a wealth of spas where you can relax and unwind.


Route: Nova Gorica – Interlaken – Andermatt – Como – Chamonix

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