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Travelling to Brussels… It's as simple as IZY

  • From €10: folding seats
  • From €19: standard seat
  • From €29: Standard XL seat

To go to Brussels is IZY!

IZY in 3 words:

  • The price: from 19 € (1). 
  • The railway stations: from Paris-Nord to Brussels-Midi, from city center to city center
  • The journey time: 2h30 maximum!

Worth knowing

IZY takes you to the heart of Paris or Brussels in maximum 2h30. Select the appropriate time slot, book, board, and voila!

Prepare your departure with IZY

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    Search for your ticket on our website, and buy your ticket on the IZY website

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  • Boarding

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The different rates of IZY

  • From €10: folding seats

    Travel cheaper on these numbered folding seats!

  • From €19: standard seat

    Seat guaranteed: you travel safely at a very good price

  • From €29: Standard XL seat

    Optimal seating comfort with a wider and tilting seat, large tablet ...