OUIGO Nantes-Massy

Find and book yout Ouigo ticket Nantes - Massy on OUI.sncf and save when you travel faster than 300 km/h! Nantes and Massy have never been so accessible than with OUIGO.

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32 reviews

4 / 5
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Services on board
  • Punctuality
  • It was really uneventful
  • Friendly faces.
  • The train was late. None of the staff knew anything about where the train cars would be stopping. the picture of the train showed cars 1-8 but our ticket was for car 17. There was complète disorganization at the station. Upon arrival in Strasbourg there were too many people trying to get out of the station at the same time as people trying to get in. People were pushing, was dangerous
  • Not a lot. Windows were too dirty to see through
  • Train made me 4 hours late.
  • Our car was very noisy. The train was 30 minutes late.
  • Quick and no fuss.
  • Punctuality
  • 30 mins too early for check in
  • Very clean trains and punctual