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Interrail destinations

Explore Europe by train! Travel in up to 30 European countries with an Interrail pass: Switzerland, France, Italy, UK, Spain and many more...

Why travel by train?

1. When travelling by train there is no check in.
2. Travel direct from city centre to city centre.
3. Enjoy comfort, relaxation and a time to chill out in the train.
4. Authentic travel: Discover landscapes that you might not have seen otherwise.
5. Hop on and off the train if you see a small city that you’d like to discover.
6. Great service: Choose to travel First Class.
7. Convenient: Book your adventure up to 11 months in advance.

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4 Steps to get you started

1. Select your pass.

Choose between a Global or a One country pass.

2. Select your travel period

For a global pass choice of 5 days within 15 days, or 7, 10 or 15 days within one month or a continuous pass of 15 days, 22 days or a month.

3. Select your comfort

You can choose to travel on eighter1st or 2nd class.

4. Select date of departure

Choose date of departure from which your pass will be valid

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