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About seat reservation

When do i need to book a seat?
You need to book a seat for most:  Overnight trains, high speed trains (TGV, Thalys, Eurostar, TGV Lyria…)and International trains.

Extra fees for a seat reservation?
The seat reservations often require an extra fee. So remember to calculate them into your budget. The fees vary from train to train and also depend on the period. The earlier you book the lower the price.
When planning your journey you can estimate the extra costs by using our booking area - it will give you the fee you need to pay and will inform you of whether you need to make a reservation or not.

How do i avoid extra fees?
Seat reservation is not neccessary on most regional trains (such as TER, and some Intercites in France). If you want to make sure if you need a seat reservation for your train, ask at the ticket office in the station before you leave.

How to book a seat?
When traveling in France, or from/to France you can book on OUI.sncf, otherwise  you can make a reservation by calling the ticket office at most European stations.
You can book your seat reservations for France by selecting the Rail Passes tab on the booking form on the left. Simply check the Seat Reservation box and search for your journey. You’ll then be able to make all your seat reservations in one booking.

The number of seat reservations available on each train is limited. These seats can sell out quickly during peak periods, especially during the summer holidays. Most European trains can be booked up to three months before the departure date. We advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. If you have no fixed route or if you want to change your travel plans, another possibility is to book your seat at the station before boarding the train.

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