What is a cookie?

These are files that are placed in the browser on your computer or terminal when you browse the OUI.sncf site. These files are subsequently automatically sent by the browser to the servers of OUI.sncf during your browsing, in order:

  • to enable browsing on the OUI.sncf sites (management of shopping baskets, customer account connection sessions, proof of authentication for the "remember me" function, servers used, etc.) or to adapt to your terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system of the site);
  • to monitor customer browsing on the OUI.sncf sites and to measure audiences to optimise and improve the sites;
  • to personalise the click path and the offers;
  • to manage advertising on the Oui.sncf and other sites;

Who are the cookies placed by?

These files are placed:

  • Either by Oui.sncf
  • Or by third parties: When you browse the sites of Oui.sncf, cookies are issued by third-party companies (companies providing user help, advertising service providers, communications agency, audience measurement companies, etc.), subject to choices that you have made previously with their services, or at any time under the conditions described below.

These cookies are mainly intended to provide you with advertising content likely to correspond to your centres of interest according to the data collected during your browsing on the sites of Oui.sncf.

These cookies may also enable:

  • counting the number of displays of advertising content disseminated via the advertising spaces on the sites of Oui.sncf, identifying advertisements displayed and the number of users who clicked on each advertisement, in order to calculate amounts due and prepare statistics;
  • recognise your computer or terminal during your browsing on any other site in order to adapt the advertisements that are disseminated there;

The issue, use and management of these third-party cookies are subject to the confidentiality and data-protection policies of these third-party companies. However, we inform you, when we actually know, of the purpose and means of management of these cookies.
Also, if your computer or terminal is used by several persons, or if it has several browsers, it is not possible for Oui.sncf to be sure that the services and advertisements correspond to your use of Oui.sncf sites and not that of another user. This choice of sharing and configuration is your free choice and responsibility.

Detailed description of the cookies of Oui.sncf:

Cookies for technical uses:

  • browsing sessions (connection to customer account, technical browsing session, servers used);
  • simplification of the visit, with adaptation of display criteria to your computer or terminal (language used, display resolution, operating system, browser used, accessibility parameter);
  • detection of a previous visit;
  • registration of customer preferences;
  • automatic re-connection to the customer account (when activated).

These cookies are necessary to the correct functioning of Oui.sncf and to your browsing.

Cookies used for monitoring:

  • audience measurement: statistical data on traffic and the use of the sites of Oui.sncf (sections and content targeted, click path) in order to measure and study the functioning and efficiency of Oui.sncf sites, and thus improve the benefit and ergonomics of the services of Oui.sncf;
  • comparative tests of several versions of the site (AB Testing).

These cookies enable the continuous improvement of the sites and services of Oui.sncf (benefits, ergonomics,…).

Cookies for personalisation purposes:

  • personalisation, in real-time, of browsing on the sites of Oui.sncf and proposal of relevant and personalised offers;
  • improvement of the ergonomics;
  • identification of browsing problems in order to offer the assistance of a call-centre agent.

These cookies enable you to be offered products and services that are personalised and in accordance with your requirements and centres of interest.

Cookies for advertising use:

  • counting and personalisation of content and advertisements proposed when you visit the sites of Oui.sncf;
  • connections to social network services, sharing information on social networks.

These cookies enable the most relevant offers to be provided to you.

A list of cookies is accessible in the section "Cookie management"

How are they put in place?

In accordance with the recommendation from the CNIL dated 5 December 2013, when browsing the sites of Oui.sncf:

  • you are informed of the existence of cookies via the navigation banner that appears when you first visit or in case you delete the cookies placed by Oui.sncf;
  • you consent to the placing and use of cookies by every browsing act.

How do I express my choices concerning cookies?

You can configure your browsing: