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Choose to travel in 2nd Class and you are guaranteed to have a comfortable journey, including if you're travelling as a family. Enjoy bright, attractive carriages, practical services and efficient customer service.

You can select your seat on board the train while booking online. Several types of seats are available to suit your needs. These include:

  • Table Seating : 4 facing seats, with a folding table
  • Family Seating : 4 height-adjustable seats, facing each other, with a fold-down table. There are also baby changing facilities nearby.
  • Kiosque : seats located at the far ends of coaches 8 and 1 (available on TGV Network and Atlantique)
  • Duo side by side : 2 seats side by side



Travelling 1st Class on TGV Brussels – France ensures that you will enjoy maximum comfort. Enjoy wider, adjustable seats, power sockets for your electronic appliances and compartments which offer peace and quiet.

You can select your seat on the TGV Brussels – France. Several types of seating locations are available in 1st  class:

  • Individual solo : individual window seat
  • Duo facings : 2 seats facing each other
  • Duo side by side : 2 seats side by side
  • Club Quatre : 4 seats facing each other, separated from the aisle by a transparent partition


What can i take on board tgv brussels-france?

Luggage allowance

  • No check-in. No weight limit. No additional charge! Practical, isn’t it?
  • You can only carry hand luggage (suitcases, travel bags, rucksacks) on board the TGV and don’t forget to label your bags.
  • Are you travelling with bulky luggage? Take advantage of the space provided at the entrance or in the middle of the coaches.
  • A little too weighed down? Luggage lockers are available at some French stations to free you from carrying your bags for between 1 hour and 3 days.


Cyclists are welcome on board! Just a few conditions:

  • To make the most of the luggage space, bikes must be folded or dismantled and stored in a cove
  • Carry your bike onboard at no extra cost! Policies may vary on different trains – please enquire before your journey

Wheelchairs on TGV FRANCE – BRUSSELS

Good news! A dedicated area for wheelchair travellers and their travel companions is  available in 1st class on TGV Brussels - France. This service offers:

  • 3 reserved seats for wheelchair travellers
  • 2 seats for their travel companions
  • A help button to call the steward if necessary


Take advantage of discounts on train tickets for your beloved pets on board TGV Brussels – France. Guide dogs travel free. Policies may vary on different trains – please enquire before your journey!

Carrying larger items?

No problem! In addition to bags and suitcases, you can also take the following items on board: skis, pushchairs and water-sports boards (which must be easy to carry and placed in special areas).

Services onboard TGV France - Brussels

TGV Kiosk & bar


On the TGV, you’ll find delicious, fresh food, crunchy and sweet snacks and a large selection of drinks, DVDs, Games & magazines. Head to the TGV Kiosk and Bar in carriages 4 and 14 to take advantage.

TGV Baby facilities


Find changing tables in coaches 7 or 17 and First Class. Need to warm up baby's bottle, jar or meal? The restaurant staff are at your service in the TGV Bar, in coach 4 and 14.

Wifi onboard


Take advantage of TGV’s on-board Wi-Fi.