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Get abord TGV INOUI and enjoy a trip to Italy. Visit the northern region of Italy: Milan, the fashion capital or the many museums of Turin.


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You are allowed to take your bike on board the TGV INOUI to Italy, free of charge and without any additional reservation, provided that it is foldable and can be stowed in the luggage compartment, or dismantled, folded and stowed in a special cover. Maximum size allowed: 1,20mx0,90m.Caution: the loading and unloading of the bike is your responsibility.

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TGV INOUI to Italy

191 reviews

3.7 / 5
  • Comfort
  • Cleanliness
  • Services on board
  • Punctuality
  • The toilets on the train are disgusting and smell bad.
  • No back support in seats
  • The food and drink is good, however often ran out of certain options. The toilets are dirty and do not have any soap. The staff are really helpful The overall lateness really has impacted on our journey and then impacts us as we had to pay extra for the next train was a faster train and so we got charged
  • Milena is a wonderful train operator and the man who was servicing the train I took was also helpful. The announcements though are in a very low volume.
  • Train got canceled halfway through and we’re asked to board another train. There were no assigned seating after the change and arrived an hour late.
  • My train from chambery was 1h 15 late.
  • The train lacked any meal service (which we were told would be provided). The toilet facility was disgusting: there were no towels and the toilet didn’t flush properly. There was no handicap assistance provided (I suffered an injury the day before the trip and could not have reserved a wheelchair 48 hrs in advance). The trains were not clearly marked.
  • Incredibly dissatisfied with this train service. Delays for 2.30hrs caused me to miss my connection costing me more money for a new train tickect. Little advising in english leaving a lot of passengers cofused. I will not be using this service again.
  • The highlight of the journey was the restaurant car service, since it was very attentive.
  • Nice journey