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Before you depart, don’t forget:

To stamp your ticket

International tickets France <> Switzerland do not need to be stamped. You must get your ticket stamped when travelling between two French cities. Keep your ticket until arrival at your destination station

Discount railcards

TGV Lyria accepts SNCF railcards Fréquence & Forfait as well as SNCF discount cards Enfant+, Jeune, Week-end and Senior+. If you benefit from a discount, don’t forget to carry your documents justifying this reduction.

Do it right

Ticket inspection

Remember to hold onto your train tickets - they will be checked by inspectors during your journey.
Whether you have a rail pass to travel through Europe or a discount travel card, you must be able to present valid documents for the fare you have selected, such as:

  • An identity card or passport for the following discount rail cards: Senior, Jeune, Normal enfant and Baby Pass.
  • A Fréquence SNCF card for an Abonnement France season ticket.
  • A Fréquence SNCF and Abonnement Général CFF or Abonnement demi-tarif CFF card for an Abonnement France + Suisse ticket.
  • An Abonnement Général CFF card, Swiss Pass, Inter Rail Switzerland Pass, Eurail Selectpass for the pass partiel 3 ticket.
  • Outward and return tickets for Loisir fares.
    If you are travelling in a wheelchair or are visually impaired, you must also present one of the following:
  • Reduced mobility card
  • Medical certificate
  • Card stating “visual impairment” or holding a green star


Police and customs inspection

Travelling across borders takes a few extra minutes: Customs and police inspection operations take place at the border between France and Switzerland.

You will be asked to present a valid identity card or passport (valid or expired by no more than five years).

Additional documents may be required for travellers who do not have French, Swiss or Schengen area nationality.

If you’re unsure about any aspect of international travel, contact your local authorities before travelling on a TGV Lyria.

Remember your identity documents

For travel between France and Switzerland, don’t forget your identity documents. A valid passport or national identity card for citizens of the European Union. A visa may be required for other passengers. French citizens aged 15 and under may enter Switzerland with a simple pass.

Official records

European Union citizens going to France
Are you an EU citizen and planning to come to France on the TGV Lyria? You must carry a valid national identity card or a national passport (valid or expired within the last five years). A visa is not required.

Non-European Union Citizens going to France
If you are not an EU citizen, please check the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website to verify whether or not you need a visa to enter France.
For your information: visa requirements to enter France depend on:

  • A citizen’s nationality
  • Possession of a residency permit for France or a country within the Schengen agreement
  • The length of stay
  • The part of France you will be visiting

    More information at:

    Are you travelling to Switzerland?

    To enter Switzerland, European Union citizens must carry a national identity card (valid) or a national passport (valid or expired no longer than 5 years ago). A visa is not required.
    If you are not a citizen of the European Union, please check the Swiss Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DFAE) website. This way, you will find out if you need a visa to enter Switzerland.
    To find out more about police and customs regulations, please refer to the section on inspections and customs.

Minors travelling with TGV LYRIA

Children under 15 are not authorised to travel alone aboard TGV Lyria. For children under 18, different conditions apply depending on whether they are travelling to France or to Switzerland..

French citizens under 15 years of age may enter Switzerland by showing one of the following documents:

  • Passport
  • National identity card
  • Certificate for leaving the country
  • A pass with parental authorisation, issued free of charge by the French authorities. This This pass is valid for one or more journeys within a maximum period of three months from the date of issue.

    Need more information? Head to:

    Minors can enter France by carrying one of the following documents:
  • If travelling alone: identity papers plus a written parental authorisation
  • If travelling with parents: identity card or official family record (“livret de famille”)

    Get more information at


    Minors may enter France if they carry the following documents:
  • If they are travelling alone: identity papers and written parental authorisation.
  • If travelling with parents: identity card or ‘livret de famille’ official family record.

    More information at:

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