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The + of travelling with TGV LYRIA

TGV Lyria - choose between 3 classes

You have the choice between 3 range of services when travelling aboard TGV Lyria. This new offer allows more flexibility, and is more adapted to every need!


Friendly and comfortable, TGV Lyria 2nd  Class has something for all travellers, including families On board TGV Lyria second class, you will enjoy the following services:

Enjoy comfort, wherever you sit:

  • Optimum comfort with seats equipped with head rests, fold-down tables, foot rests and personal reading lamps.
  • Common areas freshened up during the journey
    An at-seat sale service is available offering a range of quality products for customers to purchase
  • 220 Volt electric sockets
  • Baby changing room
  • Access to the bar coach for food on board
  • Possibility of purchasing Paris Metro tickets in the bar coach
  • Side by side Duo: 2 side by side seats
  • Square: 4 face to face seats (available for 3 or 4 people)
  • Family square: 4 face to face seats for families (available for 3 or 4 people) separated from the rest of the coach by a glass panel
  • Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon(except for groups)



Choose TGV Lyria STANDARD 1ÈRE to benefit from a more comfortable and relaxing experience aboard.
For your journeys between Switzerland and France, you will enjoy the following services:

  • Maximum comfort with extra legroom and seat inclination,
  • An at-seat sale service is available offering a range of quality products for customers to purchase
  • An individual 220V electric sockets so you don't have to worry about running out of battery,
  • A choice of semi-flexible or flexible tickets
  • Common areas freshened up during the journey





This new class is dedicated to our business travellers, so that work becomes a pleasure. This fully flexible tickets gives you access to a range of premium services.
This premium 1st class is available on routes between Paris and Basel/Zurich, Dijon and Basel/Zurich and Paris and Geneva (both ways) except Saturday.
Your benefits include:

  • A healthy and balanced meal served at your seat,
  • Access to magazines and newspapers in different languages,
  • A welcome drink and an oshibori service brought to you by a dedicated tri-lingual staff,
  • A fully flexible ticket, meaning you can change your train at any time,
  • A quiet space where you can work, or relax,
  • An espresso machine
  • A service to book a private driver service when you arrive in Paris,
  • Access to the SNCF Grand Voyageur Lounge at Paris Gare de Lyon

What can i take on board TGV Lyria?

Luggage allowance

TGV Lyria has different areas for your bags and suitcases:

  • luggage racks above your seat,
  • luggage shelves on certain TGV Lyria trains in the centre of the coach,
  • areas available behind or under your seat,
  • storage compartments at the ends of the coaches: for bulky items (at your responsibility).

Bikes on TGV LYRIA

Good news: with the wheels off and stored in a bike bag (maximum size 120cm x 90cm), your two-wheeler can travel with you free of charge and with no booking required, in the TGV Lyria luggage storage areas.

However, it remains your full responsibility on board the train.

For info: you must take the bike on and off the train personally. In the interest of everyone, travel outside peak times.


Small pets of less than 6 kg maximum 2 per person) transported in pet carriers or baskets (with maximum dimensions of 45 x 30 x 25 cm) can travel free of charge on TGV Lyria trains on international journeys. In this case, no ticket is issued.
If a traveller has more than 2 pet carriers, then a TGV Lyria Animal ticket is required for each additional carrier.
If your pet weighs more than 6 kg, TGV Lyria offers a special Pet fare that you can book easily in your usual SNCF points of sale.

Wheelchairs on TGV LYRIA

On the TGV Lyria, when departing from French and Swiss stations, enjoy specially-designed areas for disabled travellers or people with reduced mobility.
A First class seat is reserved for wheelchair users in coaches 1 or 11. Nearby, toilets are specially adapted and accessible for disabled travellers.

What services can i find onboard?

Bar & restaurant coach


Located in the middle of the train (coach 4 or 14), the TGV Lyria bar and restaurant serves full meals, small bites and snacks, as well as a wide selection of drinks.

Family areas

Travelling with the family is easy. Book a seat in the specially reserved family area. There is a table available for your children to play! Warming up food jars and meals and changing nappies is easy in the nearby baby changing facility.

Seating selection


First or Second Class, aisle or window seating, facing forwards or backwards. Select the seat that suits you.

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