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TGV Lyria offers 3 range of fares adapted to everyone's needs. Discover them!
Do you want to know more? Keep scrolling to read the detailed information about each class.


The 2nd class, or Standard class, has 3 levels of flexibility and pricing. It boasts affordable prices, a service of food sold at your seat and the confort of travelling by train.


The ideal quality/price ratio. It allies flexibility and superior comfort: spacious seats and a service of food sold at your seat.


The premium class! 100% flexible for business travellers. High-end services, a quiet space and access to station lounges for a productive trip.

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[picture]The STANDARD class allows you to purchase train tickets at very competitive prices, from 29€ when anticipation.

There are 3 levels of flexibility in terms of exchange and reimbursement, pick the one that matches your needs:

  • Fully flexilble: exchangeable and refundable free of charge*
  • Semi-flexible: Exchangeable until the train departure for 30€ + the difference in price, and refundable with a 30€ withholding,
  • Not exchangeable and not refundable.


Aboard the train you will have an individual power socket, access to bar area (high-end, fresh quality food, craft beer, Colombus Café) and there is a service of food and drinks sold at your seat.
Your SNCF discount cards entitles you to a 25% discount on the semi-flexible fare of the day.


Opt for the STANDARD 1ÈRE! When travelling in 1st class you have a roomier seat and you can choose to eat and drink in the bar area (healthy and fresh food, craft beer, artisan café) or using the service of sales at your seat.

You have the choice between:

  • Fully flexible: free exchange and refund, and you can access any train of the day to your destination (if you do not change your ticket, a seat is not guaranteed),
  • Semi-flexible: until the train departure you can exchange your ticket for 30€ + the price difference, or get a refund with a 30€ withholding.


The more you plan ahead the less you will pay. The semi-flexible tickets are available on selected destinations from 49€ only, so why not indulge?
In addition, your SNCF discount card gives you a 25% discount on the semi-flexible fare of the day, all year long.


This premium class is designed for your work trips. There is a full flexibility on exchange and refunds. Your meeting is rescheduled or cancelled? You can jump onboard any train of the day: just think about exchanging your ticket to have a guaranteed seat - it takes 2 clicks on the app!
The fare is fixed, so you never have surprises, even at the last minute.

The BUSINESS 1ÈRE service is available from Monday to Friday and on Sundays on selected routes:

  • Paris/Dijon <> Basel/Zurich
  • Paris <> Geneva


The many advantages of travelling in BUSINESS 1ÈRE include:

  • A hot meal served at your, based on the time of your day - and there is a vegetarian option,
  • Local and international newspapers available in different languages,
  • An access to the Lounge in Paris,
  • A warm, personal welcome: a welcome drink, a dedicated trilingual staff and oshiboris,
  • A quiet dedicated carriage to allow you to work and rest,
  • A booking of a car with private chauffeur service on board the train.

That's everything so that your time travelling is truly your time!

You can obtain upsell on the BUSINESS 1ÈRE fares with selected CFF/SBB season ticket or with your Frequency 1ère subscription for the travel until 11 March

Special fares

Discount cards, season tickets

SNCF discount cards entitles you to a 25% discount on the leisure fare in STANDARD and STANDARD 1ÈRE and gives you exclusive access to reduced last minute fares.


Children aged between 4 and 11 get a 30% discount on the adult fare in STANDARD and STANDARD 1ÈRE.

Groups of 9+

Special group fares are available in STANDARD and STANDARD 1ÈRE, offering up to 60% discount on semi-flexible tickets, under specific conditions.

(1) Price starting from 29€, valid for one person, for one way in the STANDARD class, on the Lyria TGV, on certain days and in certain trains, subject to the availability of seats at this rate. Non-exchangeable and non-refundable tickets.

We advise you to exchange you ticket before the departure of the train of your initial reservation, to guarantee a seating place and the associated services.

Credit Photo: Yoann STOECKEL