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Avantage Famille (Family card)

From now on, the discount card for your family trips becomes even more advantageous!

Earn back your card from
your very first trip

49 (1) Valid 1 year

  • 30% off on travels in France and Europe
  • 60% discount for up to 3 accompanying children
  • Last-minute deals

More advantages

  • Discount on Prem's fare

    Also enjoy discount on the cheap Prem's fare.

  • Valid for single and return trips

    Get discount on your travels with at least one day or night spent in the weekend.

  • Travel together

    Your travelling companion enjoys the same discount as you and up to 3 accompanied children travel with 60% off.

  • 15% discount on our services

    Your discount card also give you 15% off in the train bar, your AVIS rental car and Mes bagages.

How to change cards?

  • Now on sale

    Get your new discount card on OUI.sncf.

  • Refund your old card

    Get a refund for the remaining period of your card at SNCF.com.

  • Receiving your refund

    You will receive your refund in the form of a voucher.

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