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Your discount card Sénior+ is now Avantage Sénior. Enjoy 30% (1) off and benefit from low prices all year long, even on last minute tickets!

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in Carte Avantage Sénior
  • 25% off guaranteed all year long
  • 10% off on Prem's ticket
  • 25% off on selected international trains

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  • Reduced exchange and refund fees

    The exchange or refund of your tickets is free of charge until 2 days before your departure

  • Your loyalty card free of charge

    You are not yet a member of the SNCF loyalty program? Do not hesitate to join it: it is free.

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  • Your customer account

    Input your personal information: discount card, credit card details etc. It is completely secured!

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  • Easier with your app

    You can register your discount card in the app. Everytime you search and book a ticket your discount will

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  • Travel light

    Send your bags wherever you are going.


How to change your discount card

  • From now on

    Buy your new discount card Avantage on

  • Ask for a refund

    A refund form is available on

  • Receive your refund

    As a voucher with the value that is still left on your old card

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