How to know if my train is running?

For the month of April, all the TGV, OUIGO, INTERCITIES, Thalys and Eurostar trains showed and available for booking on will be running.
Low fares are still available.
You can find the list of operating trains the day before departure from 5PM (CET Time) on the SNCF website or app.

To check the condition of travel for your journeys with TGV in France and in Europe or INTERCITÉS, please visit the day before departure from 5PM (CET time) :

For traffic information for travels with TER please check the SNCF website the day before departure, from 5PM (CET time)

For traffic information for travels with OUIGO, please visit the website the day before departure, from 5PM (CET time)


NB: Your train number may be needed to access the traffic information on the SNCF website. You can locate it on your train ticket or in your journey confirmation email


Concerning the traffic in May and June: It is too early to be able to know more about the impact on train traffic in May and June. 


You can not book your train?

Your train may be closed for reservation:
Some trains may be closed for reservation during the strike period. They are displayed as "train full" on our website and application.
If their circulation is confirmed and there are still seats available, the reservation may be offered between 48h and 24 hours before departure.

Your train may be cancelled:
On our website, these trains are displayed as "cancelled". It means that they do not operate.
On our app, deleted trains are not displayed.


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Strike planning

For more information about the status of your train, please check the SNCF website or app on the day before your departure at 5PM.

This calendar is meant for informative purposes only and can evolve over time. We are doing our best to keep this page as up to date as possible. 

My terms of exchange or refund


For all journeys until 29 April 2018:



You may exchange your ticket or request a refund at no charge or additional cost, including non-exchangeable / non-refundable rates, prior to your departure date.

More info on our website or app:

  1. See more on « my bookings » on the website or « my journeys » on the app.

  2. Enter your booking reference and the name used for the order.

  3. Proceed to the exchange or cancellation of your ticket

If the online cancellation is not possible, make your request via the SNCF claims form.

In case of a delay: You can ask for a compensation online with the G30 service



If you are a subscriber, you will receive an email informing you about how to travel in the best possible conditions despite the strikes.

During the days of strike:

  • On presentation of your subscription card (excluding TGVmax), you will be able to access other trains running on the same day without guarantee of a seat.
  • You will be compensated for your subscription or season ticket if less than 1 TGV out of 3 runs on your route on the day of your trip.

Note: More information about the compensation will be communicated to you after the strike. 



Since the travel possibilities are being considerably reduced during the month of April, the card will be free from any charge in April, compared to the usual 79€. 
Good to know: TGVmax seats for last minute travel will be available on some routes. Tickets already booked for April remain valid if the trains are running.



You can exchange your ticket without charge, but if there is a price difference during the exchange, the additional cost will be at your charge.

To exchange your tickets :

  1. Go to « my bookings » on the Ouigo website  or « my tickets » on the Ouigo app.

  2. Enter your first name, last name and booking number.

  3. Proceed to the exchange of your ticket

For a refund:

  1. Your train have been canceled: you will automatically receive a coupon with the amount of your reservation within 7 days.

  2. You do not want to travel anymore : you have to apply from the Ouigo contact form

Note: we will fully refund your one-way or return trip if at least one of your journeys a scheduled between 3 and 9 April 2018.

In case of a delay you will receive a OUIGO gift voucher.



Here are the TER conditions of exchange or refund for your trips between 3 April and 30 April:
• For occasional customers who wish to change their travel date, all TER tickets can be used up to 10 days after the valid date of the ticket.
• For occasional customers who wish to cancel their trip due to disruptions in the transportation plan, all tickets are refundable free of charge up to 61 days after the date of validity of the ticket. The tickets are refundable at ticket offices. Digital tickets are refundable via the TER websites.
• For subscriber customers, any contractual warranty arrangements apply. Additional trade measures may be taken.

The digital tickets purchased on, the TER sites and the SNCF app are refundable via the TER websites.

If you have a subscription:

  • The possible contractual arrangements of guarantee apply. Additional trade measures may be taken after the strike.



You can exchange your ticket or apply for a refund without any charge, including the non-exchangeable / non-refundable rates, before your departure date:

However, if there is a difference in price between the original ticket and the new one, the price difference will be at your charge.

Note for people travelling with TGV Lyria: If you are traveling in BUSINESS 1ERE, and you have not been able to benefit from the associated services, you can have up to 50% of the price of your ticket refunded (after the departure of the train) by contacting the TGV Lyria customer service ( and enclosing a proof of purchase and a RIB.



Refund: You can get a free refund of your ticket up to 61 days after the date of departure shown on your ticket.
Exchange: If you have a planned trip during the strike period, an exchange is possible for a journey after 29 April.

Apply online via the claims form.



If your train is cancelled: you can benefit from a free replacement or get on the next train (subject to availability), or ask for a full refund of your ticket if you wish to cancel your trip.
If your train is running as normal: it is the exchange and cancellation conditions indicated on your ticket that apply.

Make your refund request free of charge (within 60 days):

Check the Thalys traffic info.



If your train is cancelled during the strike you can exchange your ticket free of charge or claim a full refund. Any ticket change must be made within 60 days of your initial travel date.

  • Customers holding a direct Eurostar ticket and whose train is cancelled due to the strike can ask for a free exchange on the Eurostar website
  • Customers holding a Eurostar + TGV (through fares) ticket must exchange their ticket by calling the SNCF call center. 
  • For all customers claiming a refund, please call the SNCF call center

SNCF call center: From France, dial 01 70 70 60 99 (no surcharge). From other countries, call +33 1 70 70 60 99 (additional fees may apply). Operators speak both French and English.


And my services?


In case of cancellation, contact the AVIS Customer Service to get a refund of the associated costs:


From 3 April, cancellation is possible up to 1 hour before departure, and you can be reimbursed without any applying conditions, in case of total impossibility to honor your trip.


For the circulations in May and June:

It is currently too early to know which consequences it will have on our traffic. The after-sales conditions will be communicated later.

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Travel by bus :

From price per person, for a one-way bus trip, on a selection of destinations and on certain dates, subject to availability. Online payment by credit card. Offer not combinable with any other promotion in progress. For a journey with isilines or Eurolines, the ticket is changeable up to 6 hours before departure for a fee. The city of departure or arrival can not be modified. In case of cancellation more than 48 hours before departure: 25% of the total amount of the ticket will be lost (minimum fee 10 euros), between 48 hours and 6 hours before departure: 50% of the total amount of the ticket will be lost (minimum fee 20 euros), less than 6 hours before departure (or in case the passenger does not show up at departure), lost or stolen ticket: no refund. For a journey with Ouibus: modification or cancellation of a non promotional ticket is possible up to 30 min before the departure time. Reimbursement in voucher. Modification and cancellation: free of charge on the site or application, with 5 euros of fees at the counter, 10 euros of charges by telephone, as well as any difference in price between your original reservation and your new reservation.

The app :

Accomodation :

Exchange and refund :