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New: book your European train travel via your mobile phone

No matter where you are: book or cancel your European train tickets, place an option on your tickets, consult the train times, find the nearest trainstation or share your travels on Facebook and Twitter. An easy and convenient way to book!

Europe in your pocket!

Organise your high speed trip around 15 countries with the application. Choose from over 30 rail companies and find the best prices!

Simplified train booking

Simplified browsing and booking, immediate access to train times, locate the nearest station: with all these benefits, all you need to do now is print your ticket!

Free services

Discover the many services available with the new application of : easily place a free option on your journey, cancel or consult your bookings, and reserve your seat without extra fees!

To take advantage of our new mobile services

  • connect to with your mobile phone
  • or download the free application.

The benefits of :

N° 1: The application is only a click away

Download the app to your account, and discover the simplicity in a few clicks.

N° 2: Fast booking

Browse European travel options directly on your mobile, select your journey and book in a 100% secured payment environment.

N° 3: Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

Email and social networks: Stay in touch with friends and family and inform them of your departure and arrival time. They can pick you up, or join you for the weekend!